Control Your Manufacturing Production Operations

DELMIA Apriso Production enables manufacturing excellence in the modern manufacturing production environment by seeing beyond the four walls to the entire product supply network. It helps users improve production control monitoring, production operations and enables manufacturing excellence when actions to processes are fulfilled. Companies have the ability to synchronize production with planning to improve resource management. Production managers can extend across the various processes of manufacturing at each location to offer unified integration and collaboration with product supply networks. DELMIA Apriso Production delivers Manufacturing Execution System (MES) capabilities, which when combined with other DELMIA Apriso products offer an expanded solution beyond traditional MES. MES is a core component, in the manufacturing industry, of the overall DELMIA Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) scope.  MOM empowers manufacturers to meet their goals for reducing waste, inventory, and cycle times to improve efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction. These capabilities used in are further enhanced by our augmented reality capabilities used in various markets.

DELMIA Apriso Complex Assembly Production Operator Role enables users to effectively and efficiently execute production orders and to track all required details. It is designed to support the unique requirements of operators in complex assembly manufacturing environments, providing a list of appropriate work tasks to capture all relevant data during manufacturing operations. Operators gain immediate access from their manufacturing jobs to the most up-to-date work instructions, required tooling and equipment, required MBOM components, and quality data collection specifications in one unified console to fulfill customer orders and finished goods.

Key Benefits:

  • Ensures accuracy of assembly operations

  • Provides traceability of components 

  • Executes complex assembly production orders

With DELMIA Apriso Production Supervisor Role, gain visibility and decision support across manufacturing assembly to achieve and sustain operational excellence. Designed for unique production supervision requirements in complex assembly manufacturing environments, it helps production supervisors deliver greater production efficiency and effectiveness while improving on-time delivery. Users can quickly and effectively manage production orders execution with an intuitive user experience to monitor and manage production orders and operations executed by the available shop floor resources. Supervisors in manufacturing production visualize production demand against available production resources and systems, define manufacturing processes, ensure production feasibility, and address bottleneck issues in production to accelerate and maintain schedules.

Key Benefits:

  • Drives effectiveness of production supervisors

  • Gains greater control over resources

  • Improves visibility into order performance

DELMIA Apriso Production Just-in-Sequence enables just-in-time manufacturing, sequenced assembly and shipping to eliminate idle inventory, reduce waste and increase efficiency. Supported by digital continuity across domains, these techniques improve inventory accuracy and achieve a lean material flow for greater inventory management control. It lets planners adjust schedules and timelines in real-time, inserting and removing items to adapt to changes in demand and shop floor events. Improve manufacturing efficiency by identifying, measuring and eliminating waste not only on the shop floor, but anywhere it is found in your manufacturing sites.  The system automatically “blends” multiple final assembly sequences for areas and machines that service multiple production lines. 

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminates materials to increase cash flow

  • Reduces floor space to optimize efficiency

  • Synchronizes manufacturing operations with suppliers and customers

DELMIA Apriso RFID allows manufacturers to take advantage of RFID and barcode scanners to identify assets and parts, automate processes and synchronize manufacturing operations for IIoT, Lean Manufacturing, Sustainable Manufacturing, Lean Inventory, Just-in-Time production and other advanced practices. Track and trace genealogy of people, equipment, processes and materials throughout the production cycle, cost effectively providing unprecedented visibility into all operations. Extend automation beyond basic inventory control and track manufacturing operations, reducing human error and ensuring that the right materials are delivered to the right place at the right time. Production, packaging, warehousing and shipping are all integrated and highly automated on site, where the system sends the appropriate instructions to the packaging lines and monitors the results of each step, directing the appropriate disposition of the packed goods while providing full traceability.

Key Benefits:

  • Synchronizes manufacturing operations

  • Achieves complete, interlocking resource traceability

  • Reduces human error

Clearly our DELMIA Apriso solution has brought added value to us and our customers by improving our agility. DELMIA Apriso is easy to use for our operators, simplifying shop floor execution and decisions.

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