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What does MES software stand for?

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a core component of the overall DELMIA Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) scope. According to the ISA95 standard, MES roughly corresponds to the Production dimension set of capabilities. Hence it can be mapped to the Production module of DELMIA MOM (DELMIA Apriso). It helps companies ensure that manufacturing operations work efficiently. It enables manufacturers to take control of operations everywhere in the enterprise to coordinate and synchronize people, processes, equipment, tooling, and materials on a global scale. By digitalizing the entire manufacturing process—from design to build to support— and leveraging the IIoT, manufacturers can control and synchronize production operations with real-time operations monitoring and reporting.

How does DELMIA manufacturing execution system work?

DELMIA MES drives efficiency by using real-time data to trigger execution decisions and empower manufacturers to reduce waste, inventory, and cycle times while improving efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction. A manufacturing transformation is achievable through manufacturing execution systems (MES) providing full control over factory operations and improved production visibility. 

What are the key benefits of a Manufacturing Execution System?

  • Allows companies to standardize production processes across multiple plants in a global organization for a single source of truth
  • Enables data-collection in real-time for continuous improvement
  • Enhances efficiency, quality control, and decision-making on the shop floor and in the warehouse
  • Provides companies with real-time visibility and optimization for shop floor operations, production processes and resource management
  • Integrates with ERP systems

DELMIA Apriso is a core model for the global MES framework of the future.

LIXIL Case Study
Hideharu Tamaki
Senior Manager, IT Strategy Department, LIXIL

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What is the difference between ERP and MES?

Both Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) are software systems used in manufacturing, ERP system focuses on the broader aspects of organizational management and resource planning, whereas MES specifically targets the control and optimization of manufacturing operations on the shop floor.

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