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DELMIA Apriso helps manufacturers to transform global production operations. As a Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) / Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution, DELMIA Apriso has been recognized by industry analysts, including ABI, Gartner, and IDC. DELMIA is the proven solution with applications specifically developed for managing the complete business process lifecycle and consistent development of global processes and best practices around the world. DELMIA Apriso creates a foundation for digital transformation that is unified, flexible, scalable, secure and provides real-time availability to critical manufacturing data for responsive decision-making. With the Virtual Twin Experience, DELMIA goes beyond the digital thread by connecting the virtual and real worlds of manufacturing with the broader supply chain. By having a real-world, model-based representation of the manufacturing network: plants, lines and work cells capturing all manufacturing data, combined with the virtual model of the process and product, DELMIA ensures a single source of truth for bringing products to market.

Now enhanced by DELMIA Augmented Experience augmented reality solutions, users can leverage technologies like interactive 3D, augmented reality, computer vision, AI and deep learning to guide human operators in complex assembly tasks and automate quality inspections based on the product virtual twin. Produce right the first time to drive significant time and cost savings. DELMIA Apriso encapsulates all the core functionality required in a traditional MES, in addition to the expanded MOM capabilities including integrated quality, material synchronization, and maintenance. Manufacturers can gain real-time, data-driven KPIs to measure productivity, better manage production lines, material flow and cycle times, enhance entire production systems and drive real-time manufacturing processes. In addition, DELMIA provides broad industry and manufacturing model coverage, supporting 9 industries with varied manufacturing models—from BTO, ETO and project/program based, to BTS, repetitive, batch, process and hybrid manufacturing—and can be globally deployed across a vertically integrated enterprise or a diversified global manufacturer. 

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The quality advantage (with ACE) is we have better access to traceability data and batch tracing at the line. A big advantage of this ACE project for the plant is we have integrated, real-time information flow. Reaction time has been cut short very much. Data transference is much better than we had before.

Bernhard Herrmann, Plant Manager ASG, Autoliv

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