Efficient Maintenance Management Operations

DELMIA Apriso Maintenance works in close coordination with other DELMIA Apriso applications to effectively manage maintenance to minimize disruptions and maximize uptime within your manufacturing environment. Gain greater visibility into maintenance activities and standardized workflows, leading to greater effectiveness and reduced costs. Synchronize maintenance operations with production, quality and other activities to avoid disruptions and anticipate equipment repairs. DELMIA Apriso Maintenance tracks roles and skills to validate that the right personnel are assigned to the right task, improving labor productivity. It provides visibility into parts and spares availability while tracking the location and availability of any portable equipment and tooling that is required.

DELMIA Apriso Maintenance Nomad Mode provides the essential capabilities for maintenance management, including the ability to schedule preventive maintenance, manage maintenance calendars, respond quickly to unplanned down time, and manage parts and spares. It directs maintenance tasks while tracking actual time and labor per maintenance work order and enables supervisors to track workloads while monitoring key performance indicators. Users have greater visibility into maintenance activities and standardized maintenance workflows for greater effectiveness and reduced maintenance costs.  

Key Benefits:

  • Improves and streamlines maintenance planning

  • Optimizes maintenance scheduling, equipment uptime

  • Increases productivity and quality

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides us with a unique platform with data references for design, delivery and maintenance. This digital continuity ties all our sites together so that everyone is working with the same and most up-to-date product information with real-time accessibility.

Pascal Travernier
MEDS Project Manager

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