Timely Track Defects & Provide Step-by-Step Instructions

DELMIA Apriso Quality Control (QC) puts you back in control of your quality program – across the distributed environment you now operate. When quality processes are executed manually, create plans, then the comprehensive quality assurance (QA) software manages the master planning data and controls execution on the plant floor, tightly coordinated with production, maintenance and warehouse operations through DELMIA Apriso's unified database. Product inspection plans are version-controlled with full traceability of changes. Inspection and step-by-step quality instructions can be integrated into the operator's unified interface for production, maintenance or warehouse processes. As businesses try to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved, step-by-step directed execution is delivered as in-line checklists, work instructions, safety instructions, or documents.

DELMIA Apriso 3D Visual Quality Defect Tracking (3D VQDT) helps speed up defect reporting with greater accuracy and adds a powerful new visual level to analysis. It allows users to report visual quality defects from 3D models with greater accuracy. The 3D model can be imported along with product information, making it easier to create and maintain product visualizations in a 3DXML format that would normally require the maintenance of several product images and snapshots. It is intuitive and easy-to-use for quality inspectors, production line, warehouse workers and others responsible for product quality. The 3D product image can be sourced from a variety of applications, including PLM, CAD drawings, etc. to enable a more complete and accurate quality analysis. 

Key Benefits:

  • Enables continuous improvement

  • Provides rapid response to market changes

  • Links multiple images to one product record

FAQ about Quality Control

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