Analyze & Plan Employee Performances Across Plants

DELMIA Apriso Time & Labor supports manufacturing excellence by tightly linking labor tracking to plant activities. This includes turning production, warehouse, maintenance and quality into a total paperless manufacturing environmentDELMIA Apriso Time & Labor helps users obtain comprehensive, real-time visibility and historical analytics into employee performance, in and across plants. Do your employees need additional training? Time and labor delivers standardized Key Performance Indicators(KPIs), providing a baseline for performance management and labor reporting that can be leveraged across locations on a global, enterprise-wide scale.

This means a KPI like Overall Employee Efficiency among current employees is defined once and reported the same across all plants. Measures can be rolled up to provide global visibility while at the same time supporting individual plants and cross-plant comparisons for benchmarking. This provides visibility into total labor hours across the enterprise for a given product and insight into which plant or employee produces that product most efficiently or with the fewest hours of labor per unit.

DELMIA Apriso Time & Labor also provides secure, real-time visibility of employee attendance with details that can be broken down by day across work orders, products, operations, work centers, indirect, and other charge code types. This expanded visibility and control of schedules and workforce strategy is easily accomplished, letting you specifically tailor your reporting requirements with added flexibility. This application can automatically apply rounding rules, variances, lunch rules, and breaks to your employee’s work day. Reduce operating and administrative costs while improving productivity by ensuring the right person performs the right task. 

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces labor costs

  • Improves visibility into manufacturing

  • Identifies and reduce expensive labor

The time we spend on warranties is five to ten times lower as we now don’t need to be at the customer site for as long fixing problems.

Mirko Miljevic
PLM Manager Axelent Engineering

FAQ about Labor & Workforce Planning

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