Define and Elevate Logistics Operations

DELMIA offers solutions for multi-modal logistics, including Freight Forwarding, Intermodal, Postal & Express Delivery, Rail Freight, Air Freight, and Trucking. These solutions optimize operations and logistics planning, from long-range strategic planning to daily workforce scheduling, providing full visibility and control to improve delivery performance, reduce costs, increase revenue growth, and minimize fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Key features include real-time re-optimization, scenario planning, perfect fit, integrated planning, and real-time disturbance handling. The solutions also incorporate unique business constraints and rules, generate optimal plans, and offer end-to-end visibility of all available and utilized assets, resource capabilities, and constraints.

Optimize Workforce Management



DELMIA Workforce Scheduling optimizes workforce management with employee scheduling and planning capabilities. It provides complete visibility and control over your workforce management system, integrating planning and scheduling processes into a single workforce planner software. Users can create rosters considering unique workforce scheduling constraints, such as shift preferences and labor regulations. Employees can also use a mobile application to bid and swap shifts, request leave and define preferred working hours. In addition, the solution helps users understand how long-term staffing plans can meet demand and optimize task and work order assignments for maximum utilization and efficiency.


DELMIA Logistics & Workforce Key Benefits

Get real-time data

Enable cross-functional teams to collaborate together

Be Adaptable

Utilize people-centric, flexible planning and execution.

Contribute Flexibly

Connect with teams and data at any time, from anywhere and on any device.

Reduce Time

Optimize your logistics plan to make it more efficient

Maintain Visibility

Connect teams digitally to provide input

Airport Operations
Optimize Strategic and Tactical Planning, Operational Scheduling, and Task Assignment  
Rail Planning & Operations
Optimize Your Rail Operations Intelligent Solutions
Specialized Workforce
Improve Specialized Workforce Logistics and Scheduling
Transportation Planning & Optimization
Improve Efficiency, Productivity, and Delivery Times

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform not only helps us to master the data complexity but also supports the global collaboration massively.

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Thomas Böck
Executive Board Technology & Systems, CLAAS Group

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