Optimize Intricate Transportation Logistics and Workforce Operations

Users will be able to navigate complexities and optimize operations that fulfill customer needs and industry regulations. In addition, our solutions provide the ability to plan and schedule large, geographically diverse workforces to meet and exceed customer vehicle and delivery expectations. Users can therefore analyze current resources, determine future needs, identify the gap between the present and the future, and implement solutions to complete the plans. In addition, discover the most efficient way to define a plan starting with the facility layout and determining the optimal technical strategy. This helps to reduce operational costs, use the fewest miles in scheduling, and measure possible logistics disruptions such as traffic and road construction. Energy can be saved in transportation, making it more sustainable, by optimizing travel distances and the number of planned destinations. The result is improved end-to-end logistics through dedicated KPIs, agile planning, and sustainable transportation plans in a collaborative environment. 

DELMIA provides transportation and planning solutions that help with:

  • Planning the right amount of vehicles for day-to-day operations
  • Assuring an accurate number of drivers and workforce are in place
  • Determining the optimal start times for drivers and the type of vehicles needed for transport
  • Consideration of sequence stops and return times
  • Enhancing decision-making in multi-modal transportation networks
  • Reducing transportation costs by planning “what if” scenarios
  • Improving productivity through higher fleet utilization


“As we grow as a company, we need the ability to quickly and efficiently boot up new facilities around the world. We truly believe that DELMIA is going to be one of the key reasons that we’re able to do this, especially with access to all its rich features on the cloud so we can deploy it from anywhere.”

Matt Sommer
Director of Product and Development Operations and IT at Xos

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