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DELMIA's Rail Planning, Scheduling, and Optimization revolutionizes the rail industry by providing smart mobility solutions that enhance service quality, reduce operating costs, and improve crew satisfaction. With over 20 years of experience, DELMIA has become a world leader in railway planning and optimization, catering to long-distance, regional, and suburban train operators, infrastructure management, and maintenance service providers.

Our solutions cater to all aspects of rail operations, including Passenger Rail, Public Transport, Freight Rail Operations, and Rail Infrastructure Management. Its advanced AI-based technology offers high levels of automation and decision support. It empowers transit planners to optimize timetables, utilize all resources, maximize capacity, and make intelligent and financially sound decisions for operations, maintenance, and growth. Whether a rail operator or a railway infrastructure contractor, DELMIA's solutions enable you to operate at your best and achieve market leadership.

Real-time planning requires a high performing, future-proof system like DELMIA.

SBB case study
René Moraske
Senior Project Manager, SBB

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