Transform Rail Operations Through Efficient Planning & Optimization

DELMIA Quintiq Rail Service, Fleet, and Crew Planning offer comprehensive solutions for Rail Freight Operators, Rail Passenger Operators, and Infrastructure Managers of any size to create a reliable service portfolio, fleet, and crew required to operate those services.

Rail Freight Operations helps Freight Operators address bulk commodities and intermodal markets. They control costs by maximizing train utilization and operational flexibility and managing conflicting demands from infrastructure managers, terminal operators, and clients.

In Rail Passenger Service, the solution enables Passenger Service Operators to improve the quality of service delivery and minimize operational costs while ensuring safety and passenger and employee satisfaction. 

Rail Infrastructure Management empowers Infrastructure Managers to maximize network utilization by considering all assets, project requirements, rules, and constraints. As a result, they make intelligent, financially sound decisions for operations, maintenance, and growth.

Key Benefits

  • Offers integrated end-to-end multidisciplinary planning approaches: Reduces problem complexity by eliminating silo decision-making. Plans network, services, rolling stock plan, and crew schedules.
  • Covers complete planning horizon: Offers full capabilities from tactical (i.e., long-term) through pre-operative (i.e., short-term) to the day of operations. Respond to unplanned events in real-time to minimize the impact of disruptions. Explore the potential profitability of investing in new routes and rolling stock and the impact of new regulations and changing demographics.
  • Creates demand-driven service schedules: Creates either the timetabled or on-demand services that balance customer satisfaction and efficiency, taking into account network maintenance and unplanned disruptions. Resolves service conflicts using advanced conflict detection capabilities.
  • Creates efficient rolling stock plans: Increases rolling stock utilization, reduces empty repositioning, and delivers a robust rolling stock plan by considering rolling stock balancing, maintenance, and availability.
  • Delivers comprehensive crew schedules: Creates crew schedules incorporating drivers' skills, route knowledge, home base, and personal preferences. Deal with the impact of dynamic changes from the timetable and rolling stock plans and fulfill employee requests. Handle complex labor rules and skill requirements.

Real-time planning requires a high performing, future-proof system like DELMIA.

SBB case study
René Moraske
Senior Project Manager, SBB

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