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Consumers have nearly limitless choices in today's competitive home and lifestyle industry. To break through the clutter and deliver a great brand experience, home and lifestyle companies need to rethink their current operations and make more innovative changes. DELMIA solutions for Home & Lifestyle enable companies to digitally transform their operations to achieve peak operational performance and agility. DELMIA helps retailers and manufacturers solve the challenges of ever-increasing SKUs, evolving consumer demands, rapidly changing product designs, and shortening New Product Introduction (NPI) lead times. In addition, they will be able to address concerns around traceability, quality, and lowering product costs while ensuring products are delivered on time and in the most optimal way.

DELMIA solutions can support companies' unique production processes—from design to engineering to manufacturing execution and the broader supply chain. Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, our solutions enable end-to-end engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain optimization for operational excellence. As a result, large brand manufacturers and packaging suppliers will benefit from the ability to manage complexity, resulting in more efficient manufacturing and delivery of products globally. DELMIA supports essential processes and sustainability goals while leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Advanced Optimization (AI/ML), virtual twin experience technology, and Augmented Reality execution. With DELMIA Home & Lifestyle solutions, companies can improve their global supply chains' visibility, synchronization, and flexibility. This, in turn, can help to drive superior customer excellence and sustainable operations. 


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Learn How DELMIA Can Help You in These Industry Segments

Furniture & Home Goods

DELMIA solutions enable furniture and home goods companies to meet the growing demand for high-quality products at competitive prices while increasing manufacturing and supply chain efficiency. Leveraging virtual twin experience technology, customers can model and execute production and supply chains to increase sustainable operations and manufacturing agility. DELMIA innovation in furniture and home goods includes:

  • Modular manufacturing to provide furniture at scale
  • Gaining better visibility of resources and operations
  • Supporting build/make-to-order and product personalization
  • Simultaneous logistics and production planning

Sports & Leisure Goods

DELMIA solutions enable sports and leisure goods companies to deliver sustainable products with high quality and availability despite rapidly changing consumer trends and fluctuations in supply. Leveraging virtual twin experience technology, customers can model and execute production and supply chains to increase customer service levels and manage growing product portfolios.

Fashion & Luxury Goods

DELMIA solutions enable fashion and luxury goods companies to deliver high-quality, personalized products despite fluctuating demand and rising materials costs. Leveraging virtual twin experience technology, customers can model and execute production and supply chains to reduce costs and increase profits with sustainable business operations. DELMIA solutions for fashion and luxury goods provide benefits for: 

  • Improving visibility and control of global production with lean practices
  • Reducing rework, waste, and scrap
  • Rapidly introduce new product categories with high quality
  • Fulfilling demand with sustainable supply chain strategies

Specialist Retailers

DELMIA solutions enable specialist retailers to address fluctuating markets and meet customer expectations despite market disruptions and increasingly complex supply chains. Leveraging virtual twin experience technology, customers can model and execute supply chain and logistics operations to fulfill customer demand at lower costs while achieving regulatory and sustainability requirements.

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