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Experience five eco-friendly product transformations. Learn how manufacturers can make a positive impact on the environment.

Serving the needs of all stakeholders across the Home & Lifestyle value chain

Furniture & Home Goods
Innovative solutions for the Home Furniture, Kitchen and Bathroom Equipment, Small Appliances, DIY and Garden Tools, and Office and Professional Furniture industry that drive design flexibility combined with intelligent supply chain optimization.
Sport & Leisure Goods
Maximize product performance while lowering supply chain costs with solutions for the Sports & Outdoor Equipment, Toys, Games & Baby, Musical Instrument, and Office & School Supply Industry.
Fashion & Luxury Goods
Provide the next generation of personalization and experience for the Footwear, Apparel, Accessories, Eyewear, Jewelry, Watches, and Leather Goods Industry.
Specialist Retailers
Solutions for ensuring logistics excellence and compelling selling experiences across all channels for Specialist Retailers such as Sporting Goods & Footwear retailers, Optical retailers, Electronics & Appliances retailers, Office Supplies retailers, Baby Equipment retailers, and Food & Beverage retailers.

Modern solutions to business challenges for the Home & Lifestyle industry

As we drive forward in the new economy, it is imperative to put the consumer at the center of your business. This means being able to Simplify consumer decision-making, Excite them with innovative products and experiences, Accelerate customization and manufacturing, then Optimize delivery to ensure the right product in the right place in near real-time. Modern businesses require a modern business platform.

Empowered Consumers
Empowered consumers shifting their buying habits toward on-line product research and purchasing. Smart phone in hand, buyers use price, value and product quality to inform their decisions. Manufacturers offering products with better value and a personalized, engaging experience (in store and online) will have the advantage.
The Innovation Race
To meet demand for smart connected products, break from traditional product development and manufacturing methods and apply innovation to your processes, products, and customer experiences.
Supply Chain Complexity
Simplify complexity with digital continuity across the virtual and real worlds of supply chain operations on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
Disruptive Business Models
The emergence of new business models and practices are transforming the industry from mass merchandising to customized products and personalized experiences.
The Sustainability Mandate
Consumer goods manufacturers view sustainable business practices as both necessary and a strategic advantage. Redefining product design, materials, and operations lowers costs and improves a company’s brand in the marketplace.
Margin Pressure
It’s more important then ever to ‘do more with less’ and implement the agile practices and cost-saving technologies that will drive sustainable growth and profits

Trends in the Home & Lifestyle Industry

Explore how innovative solutions are creating successful stories in Home & Lifestyle

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