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Center innovation around the individual to make every consumer experience personal.

In today’s competitive Home & Lifestyle industry, consumers have nearly limitless choices.  Breaking through the clutter to deliver a great brand experience means making smart changes.  Driving digital transformation to create a consumer-centric innovation process will enable visionary companies to create sustainable business growth.  A business platform providing end-to-end continuity from product idea to manufacturing and logistics can deliver more authentic, sustainable and personalized products to win with consumers. 

Serving the needs of all stakeholders across the Home & Lifestyle value chain

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Modern solutions to business challenges for the Home & Lifestyle industry

As we drive forward in the new economy, it is imperative to put the consumer at the center of your business. This means being able to Simplify consumer decision-making, Excite them with innovative products and experiences, Accelerate customization and manufacturing, then Optimize delivery to ensure the right product in the right place in near real-time. Modern businesses require a modern business platform.

Trends in the Home & Lifestyle Industry

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