Innovation Lab ECCO

The Innovation Lab of renowned Danish brand ECCO Shoes adopted Dassault Systèmes’ cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform with CATIA applications to interpret biomechanical data into geometries for 3D printing customized mid-soles.


Personalized Consumer Products & Experiences

Consumers are becoming more and more educated and, as they do, they are becoming very specific about their needs and desires. For instance, a consumer may be looking for a water-proof, trail-running shoe in a specific width, with personalized cushioning, and with specific material/color characteristics. Understanding that level of need will require an advanced artificial intelligence-driven experience combined with an industry-leading customization engine. This next generation of product experience and decision-making assistance is powering future Market Transformation.


Product Quality via Digital Samples

For years, other industries have benefited by utilizing a 3D product creation process to reduce time-to-market, reduce costs, and make decisions faster. Finally, the fashion and luxury goods industry can take advantage of these same solutions to deliver desirable, high quality products in less time and less cost using digital samples. These digital samples can often communicate design intent much more clearly, eliminating confusion with factory partners.

Retailers who use big data to feed big business decisions will create the optimal supply chain network infrastructure, and will be able to tune and revise it in real time

David Duinkerken > Dassaulut Systèmes
David Duinkerken
Director, Manufacturing Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Operations

As companies try to react to consumer demand and an ever increasing number of SKUs, they must invest in continuous supply chain optimization. Modern tools allow for advanced capabilities such as reducing down time by enabling mixed/sequenced production and enhancing postponement strategy. Companies can also improve product quality though better traceability as well as early identification and precise control of potential defects.

To handle a small depot with 10 to 20 drivers and thousands of deliveries, the possible solutions have already surpassed the number of stars in the universe. Math and smart software can do these things faster and better. With the knowledge of drivers and planners together, it’s an unbeatable combination."

Roel van den Broek > Dassault Systèmes
Roel van den Broek
Chief Revenue Officer, The Logic Factory

Last Mile Delivery

Increased competition and rising consumer expectations have created a critical need to deliver the right products in a timely manner. But companies must balance delivery costs with real world realities. This requires intelligent logistics tools that can reduce transportation costs by dynamically optimizing routes and improving vehicle utilization. These smart tools can even choose the appropriate vehicle type for the load (dry vs refrigerated) as well as create dynamic delivery pricing and windows.

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