Empowered Consumers

Empowered consumers shifting their buying habits toward on-line product research and purchasing. Smart phone in hand, buyers use price, value and product quality to inform their decisions. Manufacturers offering products with better value and a personalized, engaging experience (in store and online) will have the advantage.

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The Path to Consumer Loyalty

Watch this webinar and see what it takes to achieve differentiation through Hyper-Personalization.

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On-Demand Products and Experiences

The growth of ecommerce accelerated during the pandemic and it continues to expand. Consumers now make large purchases (furniture, appliances, and electronics) fully from their computer or research on-line before visiting a store. Consumers have access to exact product descriptions and specifications and using 3D virtual reality technology can even view a virtual twin of a product to see how it fits in their home. Technology advancements that provide 360-degree product views in high resolution provide realism to virtual products. To see this in action: visit our HomeByMe solution 

Personalization offers consumers the ability to explore options and build a unique product to their specifications (selecting the style, color, materials, and more). Empowered consumers want a simple but engaging brand experience. Consumer goods companies that meet the need for a better product and eCommerce experience will have an advantage.

Anywhere. Anytime. Made for me.

Discover the new challenges raised by the evolution of consumer expectations, in search of personalization and experience, in this whitepaper. Learn how to solve the resulting complex puzzle: reconcile back-end and front-end.


Connect with Consumers through Innovation

New smart consumer products create massive amounts of data. For example, health monitoring from wearable smart devices, or home automation products (i.e., home heating and cooling, lighting, and maintenance) all use a connected Internet of Things technology. An expected 80% of consumers will personalized products by 2030. Consumer goods manufacturers that use relevant data for better insight can accelerating product creation. Using 3D design and data analytics solutions helps consumer brands to offer more personalized products and services that provide a better experience for their customers. 


ECCO Shoes and Quant-U – Delivering mass customization with 3DEXPERIENCE

The Innovation Lab of renowned Danish brand ECCO shoes adopted Dassault Systèmes’ cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform with CATIA applications to interpret biomechanical data into geometries for 3D printing customized mid-soles

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