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Manage Complexity in Development

Consumers want smart products that improve their daily life. Manufacturers of home goods and consumer products integrate better batteries, sensors, and microprocessors to meet demand. However, how do manufacturers manage the complexity of aligning software, hardware, and compatibility with other systems in development?


Disruptive new product categories, such as robotic vacuums, voice activated home appliances, and programmable home décor, require collaborative engineering and streamlined processes. Get ahead in the innovation race using a platform-based approach and virtual twins of the physical world. Solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform® provide continuity across the full product lifecycle. Using a virtual twin helps companies simplify complex development challenges. As a result, companies deliver better products and have more time to create brand experiences that surprise and delight customers.


Redefine Product Design & Development with Simulation and 3D

A shift to mass-customization of consumer products adds the complexity of Configure-to Order. And, smart product development requires better collaboration for systems integration. As products and manufacturing processes become more complex, the need for iterative collaboration (between design, engineering, and manufacturing functions) increases.


With a platform-based approach, companies quickly visualize, virtually test, and validate designs before accurately communicating with to the factory. Advanced simulation processes (for materials, manufacturing, sustainability, and logistics) allow companies to remove errors saving time and money --providing a competitive advantage.

Digital Continuity Accelerates Innovation in Product Development

How do you develop better products (smarter, connected, more sustainable) that make life better for consumers? 


Deploy the right solutions on a business and engineering platform that helps you streamline engineering and manufacturing and win the innovation race. Learn more. Watch the video to see how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform supports the market launch of a new food blender.  

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