Margin Pressure

It’s more important then ever to ‘do more with less’ and implement the agile practices and cost-saving technologies that will drive sustainable growth and profits

Reduce Complexity and Time to Market

Want to improve profit margins? Digital transformation using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps reduce costs, improve quality, and launch products on time.


Reinvent the Future of Home & Lifestyle

It is widely known in the Home & Lifestyle industry that success depends on a constant flow of innovative products.  But many initiatives fail to hit their projected sales and profit targets.  Why are they failing to reach their success metrics?  It usually comes down to time and cost.  Delays in the product development process cause projects to miss critical launch windows which can jeopardize sales while mismanaging internal data and estimates can cause costs to spiral past projections.

Home & Lifestyle companies must improve the success rates on innovation, they need to launch more innovation, and they need to reduce the time to market for each initiative. This means managing internal data better, establishing a platform for collaboration, and implementing a model-first strategy to reduce guesswork that can derail and slow down projects.

Connect people, data, and systems to:

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Make smart product decisions driven by powerful information

With rising pressure from shareholders and competitors, it's more important than ever for companies to get innovation 'right the first time'.  This means launching projects on time, with high quality, and below cost parameters. In order to do this, decision-makers need to be working ‘smart and fast’ while armed with the best information.


The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is a single integrated environment that enables project teams to collaborate more easily and provides powerful simulation models to drive costs out of product design, materials, and logistics approaches. When all the right people have immediate access to the right data, decisions get made more easily, projects flow faster and success rates increase.

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