Success Story - Bike Design With Trek

Discover how realistic simulation takes bike design to new heights.


Products Optimized via Simulation

Creating high quality, high performance products used to require endless design rounds, countless prototypes, and painstaking physical product testing. As brands and manufacturers focus on getting closer to the consumer, these older methods delay production and damage competitive advantage. Advanced material and performance simulation can quickly guide material choices and test for potential failures allowing designers to arrive at a better physical sample sooner and at a higher level of quality.

Making Your Supply Chain More Sustainable From End to End

Go green with an optimized supply chain that enables you to reduce waste and continuously improve efficiency at every step


Sustainability and Optimized Supply Chain

Today’s New Consumer doesn’t just demand high quality products at a fair price, they demand products manufactured with sustainable solutions and using sustainable materials. Intelligent supply chains can redirect appropriate materials and labor where they are needed while factoring in ways to lower the total carbon footprint. The result is typically a more sustainable process that lowers cost and reduces overall delivery time.


Consumer Choice Maximized

Consumers increasingly research on-line in search of products that meet their exact requirements. A recent Pulse survey showed 69% of customers feel it is important or very important to see new merchandise each time they visit a site. Whether a customer looks for the latest tech for a new road cycling bike or wants a casual Ebike in a unique color, the manufacturer that offers the latest products on trend will have the advantage. By shortening the cycle of design-through-prototyping and simplifying collaboration companies can improve quality and accelerate new product design offerings. Plus, online customers benefit when manufacturers develop and publish 3D assets using accurate product data. Manufacturers can accelerate new product launches and product line extensions into the market using 3D assets to replace expensive, time-consuming photoshoots and graphic layouts.


Design Decisions via Visualization

The ability to grow market share relies on a companies ability to make early decisions and be ahead of trend while reducing the time to market. Being able to take an existing product and quickly visualize it in different colors and/or materials is imperative for keeping product lines fresh in front of the consumer. As an additional benefit, the same processes that a designer uses to visualize new product configurations can be leveraged for personalization at the point of sale.

Innovation in Footwear

Discover how a footwear company approaches product development from ideation to market launch.

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