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Solutions for ensuring logistics excellence and compelling selling experiences across all channels for Specialist Retailers such as Sporting Goods & Footwear retailers, Optical retailers, Electronics & Appliances retailers, Office Supplies retailers, Baby Equipment retailers, and Food & Beverage retailers.

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The last mile of distribution

Retailers are focusing on the final leg of a product’s journey to deliver improved customer value


Last Mile Delivery

Retailers looking to differentiate themselves in the new economy must focus on maximizing customer service. This means providing a wide range of real-time, dynamic delivery pricing and speed options. Retailers also must ensure on-time delivery and delivery-split options. Intelligent logistics solutions with these capabilities (and more) are required if retailers are to remain competitive while keeping up with the choice and customization requirements of today’s marketplace.

92 % of on-line shoppers demand to shift 3D models, according to a recent Pulse survey


Retail Experiences via 3D

Studies are now showing that many consumers like to browse online, then purchase in-store. This means that, not only is brick and mortar still very relevant, the final purchase may rely on a positive and fulfilling in-store experience. This means that traditional, manual retail planning methods no longer are adequate to ensure the best possible retail experience. Immersive, lifelike 3D store environments allow companies to maximize space profitability while improving margins and validating the consumer experience.

Experience a new dimension of eCommerce with glTF

As eCommerce continues to grow rapidly, online shopping experiences need to keep up.


Omni channel Experiences

Connecting with each potential consumer is becoming an industry imperative. This means an omnichannel approach that can provide a consistent, personalized experience, regardless of entry point. Sometimes, this may even require collaboration between brands and retailers for the benefit of all involved. Advanced platforms that can provide unique, engaging experiences across multiple channels are key for brand differentiation and expanding into new markets.

… retailers are using systems which can read shoppers’ emotions and provide deals based on real-time feelings. In the online and mobile space, retailers are using social media to better fulfill the needs of individuals, with initiatives such as using Facebook ‘likes’ to decide what goes on shelves and targeting Instagram users with personalized outfit recommendations based on their previously posted photos.

Consumer trends analyst, Mintel

Personalized Customer Experiences

Consumers are on the move and having a true omni channel approach will require meeting the consumer wherever they are. The company that can deliver a consistent and engaging experience, regardless of channel will have a significant competitive advantage. Technologies such as AR and VR provide an immersive solution for decision-making while IoT connectivity opens the door to building an Internet of Experiences that connect devices, environments, and lifestyles.

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Discover the new challenges raised by the evolution of consumer needs, in search of new experiences. Learn how to solve the resulting complex puzzle: reconcile back-end and front-end.

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