Replicate Manufacturing Excellence Across Global Factory Sites

Connect and automate long-term manufacturing planning, production scheduling and factory execution on a unified platform

The Action Plan for Global Plant Efficiency and Quality

With growing complexity in the manufacturing and delivery of home and lifestyle (H&L) products, manual production planning processes and data collection can no longer keep up. There will be increasing pressure to consistently produce quality products more efficiently and effectively. Digitally connecting and automating factory best-practice processes can help you replicate manufacturing excellence across global sites for continuous improvements on cost, productivity and quality. Learn how this strategy can boost production from end to end.

Manufacturing Planning

Production Scheduling

Factory Execution

Why Connectivity Counts

Connecting and synchronizing manufacturing planning, production scheduling and factory execution will provide global visibility and digital continuity. End-to-end automation makes it easier to integrate best practices into logistics and workflows, enabling you to replicate optimized processes across factory sites.

The Value of a Unified Platform

The H&L industry will be constantly challenged to deal with global disruptions and factory operations need to be more resilient than ever. A one-platform strategy equals faster and more efficient processes and operations. In line with this, industry leaders are deploying KPI-based plant operations and real-time collaboration on a single platform.

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Onesia Liotto


"Defining a two-week production schedule used to take 12 hours of work. Today, planning production for a full year takes only 30 minutes and provides better accuracy and complete control over inventory and raw materials."

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Jean Kasapyan

Industrial Director

"Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA Ortems production scheduler was up and running in only eight days. There was no customization, unlike other competitive solutions we looked at. We used it out of the box and have never regretted our decision."

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Lucas Humair

Industrial Director

"We can now optimally control our just-in-time production, reduce run times and balance the loads across the different shops while minimizing bottlenecks and in-process inventory."

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