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From simple Gantt charts to advanced production planning and scheduling:

How does APS software work?

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solutions go beyond traditional Gantt charts by offering dynamic and intelligent capabilities to manufacturers. While Gantt charts provide a visual representation of tasks and timelines, APS solutions incorporate advanced algorithms and optimization engine to create optimized schedules. It considers multiple factors such as resource and raw material availability, capacity constraints, machine breakdown, production goals, and real-time data to generate more accurate and efficient schedules. It enables planners to dynamically adjust schedules based on changing conditions, optimize resource utilization, minimize bottlenecks, and improve overall productivity. 

How does DELMIA advanced planning solutions work?

DELMIA Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) provides forward-looking planning and scheduling of processes in production for manufacturers and supply chain professionals. It enables planners to improve efficiency when presented with shop floor data and the knowledge to transform factory floor productivity. When manufacturing operations are highly complex, with products competing for the same resources, it can be challenging to create a schedule that optimizes customer fulfillment based on diverse constraints. 

DELMIA APS addresses this with advanced optimization and by fostering collaboration between key stakeholders. Users easily share planning details and key metrics across all departments to develop a single optimized plan. Increased collaboration drives significant reductions in materials and supplies inventory, work-in-process, and cycle times, ultimately leading to cost savings and greater visibility into the production planning. 

What are the benefits of advanced planning and scheduling solutions?

  • Delivers the benefits of agile manufacturing to manufacturers despite the increasing complexity of products and production processes
  • Enhances flexibility to adjust planning to meet changing needs and optimize results
  • Allows quick reaction to changing customer needs and market opportunities
  • Provides ease of adaptability to changing manufacturing and logistics needs as they occur
  • Easily integrates into existing MRP and ERP systems

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we had an unexpected and extremely important need: to double production for our machines for making masks. We had to quickly convert our production equipment to produce double the quantity in a very short amount of time. Without DELMIA Ortems, this planning would not have been possible

Comez case study
Flavio Biscaldi
Planning Manager

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