DELMIA's Portfolio has been developed in collaboration with leading global manufacturers, service providers and supply chain organizations to drive production performance and innovation throughout the supply chain. Over the years, we have formed a deep understanding of the operational challenges, building that knowledge into our offerings. This enables our customers to become resilient and agile while DELMIA’s Portfolio helps drive production and operational performance and innovation throughout manufacturing, supply chain and operations. With the technology needed to support operational complexities, companies can enhance their supply chain planning, production, manufacturing systems, maintenance and services to set their operations up for continuous success.


DELMIA, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, helps industries and service providers connect the virtual and real worlds of value networks. Companies can rapidly mature operations while enabling new business models and innovative ways to produce and deliver. The platform operates on a four-step framework: Model, Perform, Optimize, and Collaborate. It is a comprehensive way of ensuring your supply chain and operations run at a level that is agile, resilient and responsive to global changes and disruptions.

If you can connect the design and construction in a fully integrated 3D model at an extreme level of definition early on, it brings everyone on the same page in terms of visualizing the project; you reduce the risk of coordination challenges and miscommunication.

Javier Glatt - CadMakers
Javier Glatt
Co-founder and CEO, CadMakers

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