What is DELMIA Augmented Reality Experience?

DELMIA Augmented Experience enhances industrial operations using augmented reality. It provides digital instructions on the shop floor through augmented reality, helping operators with assembly, inspection, and maintenance tasks.

By using virtual twin technology, digital guidance appears in the work environment through AR software, showing real-time visualizations on actual products. This allows for better execution of tasks, reduces errors, and facilitates data collection during operations.

The virtual twin serves as a quality reference, improving overall productivity, quality, and traceability. DELMIA Augmented Experience bridges the virtual and real worlds, expanding the capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and enhancing manufacturing through virtual and real-time features.

Augmented reality technology broadens the scope of virtual twin experiences on the shop floor, enabling manufacturers to advance in seamlessly connecting the virtual and real worlds for superior next-generation performance.

4 Benefits of DELMIA Augmented Experience

Increased Productivity

DELMIA Augmented Experience enhances your efficiency and speed in tasks like assembly, inspection, and maintenance. The solution optimizes processes and gives digital instructions to operators, making your teams faster at preparing and executing assembly tasks as well as spotting issues and significantly cutting down errors and costs. With the right information available at the right time, operations are carried out accurately.

Improved Quality Process

DELMIA Augmented Experience will help you better identify production errors. The AR tool contextualizes and localizes quality control information, making the inspection process easier. Operators follow 3D data overlaid on the part throughout manufacturing, ensuring efficient validation of product conformity.

Enhanced Work Environment

DELMIA Augmented Experience enhances operators work comfort in your factories. Augmented reality helps reduce mental load, allows operator to work hands-free, reduce long tedious preparation or inspection tasks, and helps to speed up increase in skills.


DELMIA Augmented Experience aids industries in improving traceability through innovative digital solutions. These solutions automatically collect data from the field during production and quality control in connection with the 3D model. With this capability, you can perform documented inspections for internal traceability and enhance communication with your customers.

DELMIA Augmented Experiences Introduction > Dassault Systèmes

DIOTA joined Dassault Systemes and users discovered that DELMIA Augmented Experiences offers a unique augmented reality-based solution. It goes beyond using 3D models and offers a unique augmented reality-based solution to extend the capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Augmented reality technology expands the virtual twin experiences used on the shop floor and helps manufacturers take the next step in bridging the virtual and real worlds for next-generation performance.

Discover how DELMIA Augmented Experience solutions can help you in manufacturing quality inspection, assembly and maintenance processes. DELMIA Augmented Experience allows you to test and iterate on your physical prototypes in an immersive way and has the potential to optimize your whole production line. 

DELMIA Augmented Experience Solutions

DELMIA Augmented Experience
Improve Manufacturing Processes with Augmented Reality Assembly Assistance
DELMIA Augmented Experience
Quality Inspection
Improve Inspection and Quality Control Processes with Augmented Reality
DELMIA Augmented Experience
Strengthen Your Industrial Maintenance with Augmented Reality

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