Digitalize Maintenance Operations with Augmented Reality

Maintenance of equipment or installations can be a real challenge when dealing with complex elements, when intervention time is limited, and when costs can be quickly high. Technicians must thoroughly know each piece of equipment and work quickly to minimize downtime. DELMIA Augmented Experience enables technicians and quality managers to diagnose and solve problems faster, reduce service costs and increase customer satisfaction with reliable and accurate augmented reality technology.

The maintenance of complex equipment can be lengthy and costly, with the risk of errors and lack of traceability. It requires giving a product status before starting repair tasks by identifying defective elements, accurate disassembly/reassembly instructions, or inspecting equipment before redelivery. DELMIA intervenes in each step, assisting operators through interactive digital work instructions powered by augmented reality to improve efficiency throughout the maintenance process. Maintenance tasks can be complex, with documentation that is difficult to interpret, and the risk of missing a defect or making a mistake during the repair operation is high. DELMIA Augmented Experience guides operators through maintenance operations via interactive step-by-step instructions displayed in AR directly on the part.

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AR provides precise visual guidance to maintenance personnel, allowing them to accurately identify and locate components, connections, or faulty parts. This minimizes errors and ensures that maintenance tasks are performed correctly the first time, reducing the likelihood of rework or additional repairs. The real-time feedback and visual cues provided by AR technology enhance accuracy and precision in maintenance operations. On top of that, AR can be utilized as a powerful training tool for maintenance personnel. AR-based training enhances knowledge retention, reduces training time, and accelerates the learning curve for new technicians, ensuring a skilled workforce.

The incoming inspection process to map defects and future repairs is often lengthy and sometimes incomplete. It requires extensive paper documentation and can lead to internal communication difficulties with repair teams and customer dissatisfaction through improperly anticipated repairs and costs. Digital inspection instructions are displayed through augmented reality (AR) to capture all checkpoints for compliance and ensure the completeness of the task. The precise location of the identified defects is captured in the 3D model with the automatic generation of an inspection report. The result is faster inspection and reporting to identify defects quickly, collect data to improve traceability, and ensure end customer satisfaction.

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