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DELMIA Ortems offers solutions for agile planning, scheduling and production. It takes traditional Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to the next level, adding the power of constraint-based, finite-capacity resource optimization and synchronization of production flows. Manufacturers can optimize the utilization of available resources while accounting for daily issues to improve service delivery. This agile, highly responsive solution helps manufacturers and planners balance and solve operational issues between supply and demand, thus enabling seamless process integration and visibility to demand, supply and operations. Users can quickly identify manufacturing bottlenecks, schedule modifications, and what-if simulations to improve Detailed scheduling and Master Production Scheduling (MPS) processes.

DELMIA Ortems enhances responsiveness and visibility to reduce cycle times and inventory as well as improve lead-time, thanks to the solution’s ability to facilitate high-speed optimization for multi-variant problems. Planners can observe a significant reduction in manual work and errors through accurate scheduling at finite capacity as well as dynamic short-term scheduling and rescheduling, driven by agile decision support. This results in synchronized production flows, shortened production lead times and increase production rates, resulting in improved operational efficiency and manufacturing excellence. Its advanced planning software complements the DELMIA Industrial Engineering and DELMIA Apriso solutions by providing comprehensive digital continuity with artificial intelligence-driven decision support across all manufacturing and production aspects—from raw materials to finished products.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we had an unexpected and extremely important need: to double production for our machines for making masks. We had to quickly convert our production equipment top roduce double the quantity in a very short amount of time. Without DELMIA Ortems, this planning would not have been possible

Comez case study
Flavio Biscaldi
Planning Manager

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