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As a Business Services solutions provider, customers rely on you to keep their operations running efficiently so their business can stay competitive. And in a complex, demanding, and volatile marketplace rife with competition, delivering on this objective can be challenging. DELMIA Business Services solutions enable organizations to optimize their operations and logistics planning—from long-range network strategy planning to daily workforce scheduling—through the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. 

With strategic demand planning and accurate forecasting, organizations can ensure optimal inventory management, reduce lead times, and drive operational efficiency across the supply chain and workforce planning. The software supports production planning, sales and logistics, operations planning, and scenario planning. This helps your teams innovate and improve to meet ever-evolving customer demands while increasing delivery performance, driving revenue growth, and reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for more sustainable business practices.

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Learn How DELMIA Can Help You in These Industry Segments


DELMIA Logistics Planning for Trucking offers full visibility and control of trucking operations for high delivery performance. Create optimal plans that consider all constraints and complexities of your trucking operations. This allows you to sustain high performance despite high fuel prices, volatile demand, route restrictions, strict emission standards and last-minute disruptions. The solution optimizes capacity allocation and integrates all unique rules and constraints, and supports essential functions such as cross-docking and multi-leg logistics. Gain complete visibility for better process integration and manage day-of-operations disruptions with real-time disturbance handling. Simulate what-if scenarios, minimize empty trips, and reduce your carbon footprint.


The Security planning solution by DELMIA enables you to overcome the full range of security planning and scheduling challenges. Cover all of your activities with this single solution, whether for the short, medium or long term.

Freight Forwarding

DELMIA's freight forwarding solutions optimize delivery routes, improve punctuality, and reduce costs. With full visibility of available resources, the platform calculates the most economical way of delivering valuable cargo safely to its destinations, helping you cope with rising demand for last-minute shipments and retain customers who prefer frequent deliveries. DELMIA offers constraint-free plansreal-time re-optimization, and network visibility, with scenario planning and integrated planning. Create plans with a perfect fit in line with your unique rules and constraints for operational efficiency, reduced costs, and increased business opportunities while providing customer satisfaction through on-time deliveries and improved visibility.


DELMIA for Intermodal combines logistics planning and optimization to generate plans for multiple routes, modes of transport and costs. It ensures end-to-end visibility of all available and utilized assets, resource capabilities, and constraints, reflecting the unique KPIs and characteristics of your intermodal operations. The solution offers KPI-based planning, fleet optimization, disruption management, and accurate quotes. 

Postal Express & Delivery

DELMIA logistics planning for postal and express delivery ensures operational efficiency and cost reduction to sustain a competitive advantage. It factors in all your complex supply chain planning requirements—from sorting centers to transport hubs, and from your first mile to the last. The software manages last-minute changes and provides exceptional operational visibility. Leverage task and resource optimization, company-wide transparency, trip optimization, and integrated workforce planning for increased flexibility and cost savings. Unlock real-time coordination, capacity utilization optimization, and increased operational visibility. Consolidate shipments and create plans and workforce schedules that perfectly fit within your business and labor constraints.

Rail Freight

DELMIA for Rail Freight offers capabilities to optimize planning across all horizons, from strategic to day-of-operations scheduling. It provides rail freight planning, supply chain management, rolling stock utilization optimization, and yard management. Unlock dynamic pricing and transport cost optimization, and solve challenges fast and effectively, including last-minute orders and day-of-operations disruptions.

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