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High-Tech companies operate in a constantly evolving environment where innovation and digital transformation are at the forefront. As a result, they need to be agile and responsive, continuously reinventing and sustaining their competitive edge while also managing complexity, quality, and margin pressures. DELMIA, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, offers innovative manufacturing and supply chain solutions designed to help High-Tech companies address major challenges. These challenges include increasing product variants, supply and demand volatility, regulatory pressures, and complex, outsourced supply chains. Using DELMIA's solutions, companies can speed time to market, improve their operational efficiency and quality, reduce production downtime, ensure quality, and increase supply chain resiliency.

DELMIA supports essential processes while leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Augmented Reality Execution, Advanced Optimization and Machine Learning, and Model-Based Systems Engineering. With DELMIA, manufacturers can improve their global manufacturing processes' visibility, synchronization, and flexibility. This, in turn, can help to drive superior customer excellence and sustainable operations. 

DELMIA solutions are comprehensive and can address a wide range of operational goals in various areas, including: 


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Learn How DELMIA Can Help You in These Industry Segments

Consumer Electronics

DELMIA solutions enable consumer electronics companies to meet the rapid pace of innovation and consumer demand for quality products while reducing dependency and risk on distributed supply chains and manufacturing. Leveraging virtual twin experience technology, customers can simulate and model products, facilities, and supply chains to speed time to market with increased quality and profit. DELMIA innovation in consumer electronics enables:

  • Highly virtual prototyping and validation
  • Simplified engineering collaboration
  • Transforming the supply chain to gain agility and visibility
  • Maintaining high levels of quality, compliance, and performance

Computing, Software & Communication

DELMIA solutions enable networking equipment companies to meet the explosive growth of 5G demand by supporting efficient manufacturing of next-generation products at scale while reducing dependency and risk. Leveraging virtual twin experience technology, customers can model and execute production and new products to speed time to market with increased quality and reduced costs. DELMIA innovation in Computing, Software & Communication helps in:

  • Developing production agility using highly modular solutions
  • Increasing DFx with seamless Design for Manufacturing capabilities
  • Reducing time to market with efficient end-to-end digital transformation
  • Responding to disruption with advanced planning and scheduling

Contract Manufacturing Services

DELMIA solutions enable contract manufacturers to address challenges of fluctuating demand, shortening product lifecycles, and increasing competition that lead to pricing and profitability issues. Leveraging virtual twin experience technology, customers can model and execute production in collaboration with OEMs to secure higher margins while maintaining quality and customer service levels.

  • Digital production line definition and validation
  • Integrating engineering change and impact analysis
  • Eliminating paper-based processes to improve productivity
  • Enforcing manufacturing best practices across global operations

Technology Suppliers

DELMIA solutions enable suppliers of electronics and next-generation batteries to keep pace with rapid innovation and deliver high-quality products to market at scale despite fluctuating supply and demand. Leveraging virtual twin experience technology, customers can model and execute production to meet demand while reducing defects and costs. DELMIA solutions provide innovation opportunities for technology suppliers, such as:

  • Developing virtual manufacturing models to plan for scalability
  • Digitally managing maintenance and quality processes
  • Increasing asset readiness and utilization
  • Virtual equipment commissioning and optimization


DELMIA solutions enable semiconductor and equipment supplier companies to increase sustainable production capacity while managing capital investment challenges and the complexity of supply chains. Leveraging virtual twin experience technology, customers can model and execute production and supply chains to keep pace with demand while reducing costs and time to market. The value that DELMIA provides in the semiconductors sector: 

  • Accelerating new product introduction with reduced effort and cost
  • Modeling lean and resilient supply chains for superior performance
  • Increasing forecast accuracy in managing fluctuating demand better
  • Reducing risks of critical component shortages for high-margin products

Telecom & Media Operators

DELMIA helps to handle strategic, tactical, operational, and workforce planning throughout the organizations with complex networks and service providers for news, talk shows, documentaries, music, etc. All production personnel and resources can be scheduled and supported. With all resources in a single system, media and telecom companies will benefit from standardized, user-friendly planning processes.

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As capabilities and opportunities rise exponentially, high-tech companies must become ever more responsive to re-invent and sustain their leading edge while mastering complexity, quality and margin pressures. Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform empowers high-tech innovators to innovate faster, yet more sustainably.

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