Achieve Supply Chain Optimization and Resiliency

DELMIA Supply Chain Planning and Optimization (SCPO) powers reality-based planning and optimization for complex business processes within Supply Chain, Logistics and Workforce operations. Supporting all planning levels and horizons, from strategic network planning to manufacturing scheduling, the result is next-generation supply chain efficiency, essential to meet customer expectations sustainably and on budget. Integrating the entire value network, key stakeholders can collaborate and use advanced analytics to mitigate disruption and accelerate innovation to ensure business continuity and resiliency throughout the supply chain.

Tackle the Complexity of Creating a Truly Integrated Supply Chain

Increasing complexity, uncertainty and disparate processes put pressure on supply chains to perform effectively. DELMIA SCPO enables companies to respond confidently to market fluctuations and product complexities by accurately modeling and integrating supply chain operations across the organization. Digitally connecting stakeholders from supply chain, engineering and manufacturing creates a transformational change that enables manufacturers to automate, plan and optimize holistically, ensuring better decision-making and meeting corporate goals.


DELMIA Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Key Benefits

Precision Modeling

Precision Modeling

Accurate, end-to-end supply chain modeling

Business KPIs

Business KPIs

Supporting operational and diverse business-based rules and goals

Intelligent Optimization

Intelligent Optimization

Application of advanced optimization with Artificial Intelligence (AI)and Machine Learning (ML)

Seamless Integration

Seamless Collaboration

Connecting critical stakeholders with contextual workflows

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Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning

Linking supply chains with engineering and manufacturing processes

DELMIA Integrated Business Planning > Dassault Systèmes
Integrated Business Planning
Align and Manage Business Goals to Optimize Resiliency
DELMIA Demand Planning > Dassault Systèmes
Demand Planning
Increase Forecast Accuracy
DELMIA Supply Planning > Dassault Systèmes
Supply Planning
Effectively Fulfill Requirements to Meet Forecasted Demand
DELMIA Master Production Scheduling > Dassault Systèmes
Master Production Scheduling
Create an Optimized Master Production Schedule 
DELMIA Advanced Planning & Scheduling > Dassault Systèmes
Advanced Planning & Scheduling
Improve Overall Efficiency with Forward-looking Planning & Scheduling

We required a supply chain planning and optimization platform that could accommodate our intricate scheduling requirements, which stems from our unique approach of assembling and cooking products simultaneously

Andy Berliner
CEO, Amy's Kitchen

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