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DELMIA Integrated Business Planning (IBP) allows companies to align business and financial goals with the supply chain, manufacturing production, operations planning, and other Sales & Operations (S&OP) functions. It enables organizations to take data from supply chain projections, financial reports, and strategic plans and incorporate them in order to develop a single holistic business plan. The ability to gather data in this way and connect each department's planning functions gives businesses more insight into how each part of the supply chain is works individually and as a whole. Supply chains have also become increasingly global and local, requiring an ecosystem where all key external stakeholders can plan and collaborate easily.

DELMIA IBP additionally focuses on the integration of product design and manufacturing to include additional factors that can improve business innovation and resilience against disruption. Examples of these factors may be product development operations: more than just potential lifecycle phase in/out, product development may require manufacturing innovation or extensive prototyping, which has implications on financial goals. In addition, in highly regulated industries, product safety could have implications that vary across the globe and would impact potential revenue streams.

Key Benefits:

  • Take data from supply chain projections, financial reports, and strategic plans and incorporate them into their business plan

  • Integrate product design and manufacturing operations into the Integrated Business Plan

  • Align financial business objectives with operations and the supply chain

  • Impart best practices to bring together different stakeholders to arrive at a consensus S&OP and drive optimized fulfillment of customer demand

  • Include operational goals with financial and corporate objectives as part of the holistic plan

  • Add agility and resilience through model-based simulations and what-if scenarios to create technically advanced and sustainable supply chains.

The DELMIA Quintiq team proved in the demo challenge that they could address all the needs of our Sales & Operations Planning Program. With their support, we look forward to elevating our customer service levels while keeping inventories and supply chain costs low

Peter Horst
Chief Financial Officer, Teijin Aramid

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