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Manufacturers have a corporate and social responsibility to operate sustainably and design sustainable products. However, industrial operations can create further environmental damage from emissions, excessive material waste, energy consumption and disposal methods. With industries under pressure to reduce their environmental footprint and switch to circular economy, businesses can no longer ignore the risks. The demand for sustainable manufacturing is increasing, with governments and communities demanding meaningful change from the manufacturing sector. These changes affect every aspect of the supply chain, resulting in a shift toward smart factories and digital value networks. Sustainable operations can eliminate waste, decrease pollution, improve environmental impact, and create significant value in manufacturing and supply chain management.

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, DELMIA helps organizations achieve green manufacturing by enabling the simulation of products and processes and optimizing "first time right" plans through data-driven decision-making. In supply chain planning, DELMIA helps bring sustainability to the forefront by measuring the relevant key performance indicators, such as pollution & CO2 emissions, scrap, and raw material usage. By adopting green manufacturing, companies can decrease carbon emissions and waste across production processes and the value network. In addition, improved materials use helps businesses lower costs and enhance their bottom line.

Manufacturers have many ways to become more sustainable all along the value chain:

  • Create or upgrade a factory and production processes with sustainability in mind
  • Design and simulate production systems in the virtual world prior to physical build
  • Power the industry through renewable energy  
  • Reduce waste, recycle, and consider second-life products to achieve circular economy

Enabling & Accelerating Sustainability in Manufacturing Environment

DELMIA helps all industries and service providers drive green manufacturing & sustainable innovation through solutions like the virtual twin experience, which allows them to choose actions that best align with their business and circular economy goals. Explore DELMIA solutions today and discover how you can reimagine the future of sustainable manufacturing by driving efficient operations that are productive, profitable, and positively impact the world.

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Digitalization offers a tremendous opportunity to improve our response to the challenges of sustainable development.

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