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DELMIA solutions for Architecture, Engineering & Construction incorporate intelligent planning and record-breaking optimization to solve today’s most demanding industry challenges. Real-time data equips stakeholders with the support and insights to make the right planning decisions across all time horizons. Our software helps you plan and optimize your supply chain from end to end, providing the control and insights you need to transform supply chain planning from a cost center into a revenue generator. In addition, clearly defined enterprise-wide KPIs allow you to align each business function to those goals. Leveraging DELMIA solutions for Architecture, Engineering & Construction, you will be able to deliver and sustain these significant benefits.

Key Benefits: 
• Deliver on-time and on budget through on-site to off-site construction optimization
• Reduce modular construction time by 70%
• Project completion ahead of schedule by 3 months
• Clearly show how all building components will be assembled together in a dynamic 3D model
• Connect the value chain through all suppliers and subcontractors to optimize deliveries and minimize bottlenecks at work sites

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Reduce waste and ensure on-time project delivery with DELMIA Architecture, Engineering & Construction solutions. They provide real-time tracking capabilities, lean construction methodologies, modular construction, smart logistics, and value-stream mapping to help reduce waste and ensure on-time delivery of projects. 

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