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DELMIA provides manufacturers and engineers from various industries with software solutions to bring their operations to the next level. We Make It Happen for manufacturing of the future.

DELMIA roles refer to software packages corresponding to each particular organizational function. This way, if you are a manufacturing engineer, for example, in the DELMIA Manufacturing Engineer role, you will find a range of capabilities specifically for selected your position.

In our DELMIA user communities, you can join the discussion, network with peers,  exchange tips and tricks with DELMIA experts, and get early information on relevant events and release updates. All the user communities are hosted on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, meaning you can join them via the User Communities webpage.

DELMIA promotes sustainability by:

  • enabling customers to design their factories sustainably through the use of virtual twin technology
  • minimizing inventory waste and spoilage through optimized master production planning
  • optimizing reverse flows to reuse and recycle the products
  • and much more


The price of DELMIA products varies depending on the package you select, the size of your business, the duration of the contract, and your unique requirements. You can request a quote for a more accurate estimate via our How to Buy page.

Supply Chain

S&OE stands for sales and operations execution and basically links sales and operations planning (S&OP) to daily planning. S&OP is concerned with planning at the product family level and commonly executed monthly, making S&OE a crucial bridge connecting it with granular execution.

If you want to know what S&OP software can do for you, visit our DELMIA Quintiq page.

Demand forecasting is predicting what is likely to happen, whereas demand planning is composing a list of actions and operations to make it happen.

The key to an integrated supply chain lies in a strong strategy with synchronized and unified processes throughout the whole organization.

Planning & Scheduling

Workforce scheduler benefits both the employer and the employee. The key benefits are:

  • Tracking of employee hours easily
  • Creating flexible rosters
  • Reducing the possibility of burnout
  • Improving employee satisfaction
  • Avoiding scheduling conflicts
  • Automation of leave requests

For more benefits, visit our DELMIA Quintiq page

Master production schedule (MPS) reduces costs, creates traceability, provides more control, prevents stockouts, and emphasizes adaptability.

Planning and scheduling are complementary processes, where planning entails deciding the work and amount to be completed while scheduling answers resources and timing for these actions.


MOM goes beyond the production domain and includes quality, maintenance and inventory management, while the MES refers to a tool that performs MOM operations.

Find more details on the MES software and tools on our DELMIA Apriso page.

Lifting heavy items, transporting materials, performing continuous repetitive movements, and having poor posture can lead to serious health risks and decreased workers' productivity.

Ergonomic software is a popular solution manufacturers use to promote workstation safety and efficiency.

To successfully oversee and manage a manufacturing plant, you need to hone communication and leadership skills, enforce collaboration and track team performance, maximize your workforce utilization, and manage finances wisely.

Most plant managers use software, management systems and other digital tools to help them excel in their roles.

AI & ML enable manufacturers to optimize maintenance operations, forecast market fluctuations, spot irregularities, cut waste, and predict breakdowns.

A smart factory employs innovative technologies like IoT and AI, a smart network infrastructure and analytics software.

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