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DELMIA Quintiq Workforce Scheduling transforms the way workforce management is conducted. Employee scheduling and planning capabilities allow users to achieve optimal productivity while driving profits. This solution integrates planning and scheduling processes in a single workforce planner software to provide full visibility and control over your entire workforce management system. It covers all processes – from long-term capacity planning to scheduling of daily tasks and real-time rescheduling. DELMIA Quintiq Workforce Scheduling helps users to better understand how long-term staffing plans can meet demand and create rosters that include all unique workforce scheduling constraints such as shift preferences, labor regulations and vacation leave. Easily allow employees to bid and swap shifts, request for leave and define their preferred working hours, all through a mobile application. The result is the ability to optimize task and work order assignments to maximize utilization and efficiency. 

Key Benefits:

  • Enables true workforce planning Meet demand and production deadlines by strategically composing your long-range staffing plans in one platform, no spreadsheets.

  • Delivers comprehensive rostering Create agile rosters considering all unique workforce scheduling constraints – from employee shift preferences and vacation leave to local labor regulations. Beyond creating schedules and rosters – track employee hours with this solution's integrated time and attendance capabilities.

  • Offers employee self-service Allow your employees to bid and swap shifts, request leave, and define their preferred working hours. All of these are via a user-friendly mobile application.

  • Assesses task assignments Maximize employee efficiency and resource utilization by optimizing task and work order assignments. 

  • Creates a day-of-operations scheduling Give your planners real-time insight to resolve day-of-operations disruptions quickly and cost-effectively.

A lot of time is gained by the application’s possibility to create reports on absolutely anything, including calculated values, which allow us to very quickly check the total per week, month or year of any planning counter,
to obtain statistics on vast amounts of data, and to track eventual errors

Sandrine Fisher
Skyguide planning expert and staff planner for Geneva operational staff

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