Rapidly changing customer demands, supply chain disruptions, and ongoing labor shortages have impacted how businesses train and support workers to improve teams and their ability to adapt to change. With DELMIA Specialized Workforce, users can empower their workforce and value networks with the knowledge and know-how to deliver new categories of sustainable solutions. With the rapid evolution of workplace roles, users gain full visibility and complete control over their entire workforce, including schedule shifts based on qualified workers, optimal production and capacity levels, coverage gaps, and priority work. In addition, communicate real-time process changes and provide training for upskilling teams when work happens.  

DELMIA solutions provide support for specialized workforces in the areas of:

  • Emergency services: Easily address emergency services with comprehensive emergency management training and tracking. Companies can facilitate and organize appropriate employer and worker actions when disruptions threaten work schedules, customers, or impede operations. 
  • Field services: Dispatch workers or contractors to a location outside company premises to install, maintain, or repair equipment, systems, or assets. DELMIA solutions help field service coordinate the work of field service practitioners who deliver skilled, specialized, or proprietary services to clients.
  • Installer workforce planning: Plan your workforce by analyzing and forecasting workforce supply and demand, assessing gaps, and determining target talent management interventions to ensure the right people with the right skills are in the right places at the right time.

A lot of time is gained by the application’s possibility to create reports on absolutely anything, including calculated values, which allow us to very quickly check the total per week, month or year of any planning counter,
to obtain statistics on vast amounts of data, and to track eventual errors

Sandrine Fisher
Skyguide planning expert and staff planner for Geneva operational staff

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