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DELMIA helps ensure airport operations run as smoothly as possible. Plans change, and disruptions happen, but the focus on the safety, security, and comfort of the millions who pass through airports every year must remain the same. Our solutions support the most efficient results in airport customer service, gateway operations, air traffic control, and airport ground operations to meet passengers' expectations. Optimize critical resources using DELMIA's fully integrated solutions for strategic and tactical planning, operational scheduling, and real-time dispatching. Effectively address logistics and workforce challenges and multiple planning issues such as resource allocation and crew assignment. Assign aircraft types to flight schedules, optimize the assignment of specific aircraft to routes, and make long-term strategic decisions on destinations.

DELMIA provides comprehensive crew planning, facilitating the creation of plans considering employee preferences, skill sets, and licensing and safety standards. Quality, speed, and communication between stakeholders are crucial to profitability in airport operations management. DELMIA offers flexible planning to improve visibility and guarantee that your decisions align with your business goals.

DELMIA offers airport operations solutions to solve a myriad of challenges. Users at airports obtain efficient gate, stand, and check-in desk planning, effective security, ground handling services, ground crew scheduling, and rostering. DELMIA also supports air traffic control with strategic capacity planning, rostering, employee scheduling, and break planning that air navigation service providers (ANSP) deal with. The full airport experience would not be complete without our airport ground handling which addresses the complexity behind the scenes in preparing aircraft to carry passengers while ensuring correct and swift servicing for the fleet.

Key Benefits:

  • Keeps airports functioning efficiently and effectively
  • Decreases maintenance costs by 30%
  • Improves customer satisfaction and the customer experience
  • Optimizes airport resources leading to a 20% reduction in operation cost
  • Advanced planning in the workforce and resources ensures sustainability

We have ambitious growth plans. The platform will also help us to be more efficient and profitable.

Quickstep-David Doral
David Doral
CTO and Head of Engineering, Quickstep

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