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DELMIA Quintiq is a market leader in supply chain planning and optimization. It provides organizations with end-to-end supply chain modeling solutions to balance operational and business goals, leveraging world record-breaking optimization technology. As with all DELMIA products, DELMIA Quintiq connects the virtual and real worlds so that organizations can create a virtual twin of the supply chain. Achieve supply chain optimization with DELMIA Quintiq, driving continuous improvement across the entire supply chain. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), it delivers real-time visibility and collaborative synchronization across all planning and operations stakeholders within the organization and the extended value network. Manufacturers and service providers can plan and optimize any or all areas of their supply chain—from complex global production, detailed logistics and diverse workforce operations.

DELMIA Quintiq supports Planning & Scheduling of Manufacturing and the Supply Chain, Logistics and the Workforce with key capabilities, such as predictive and prescriptive data analytics and forecasting. In addition, it provides unlimited what-if scenario and business-based KPI planning to enable agile decision-making and mitigate the impact of disruptions. With DELMIA Quintiq, manufacturing planners and organizations can build resilient supply chains to improve productivity and efficiency, ensure on-time delivery with shorter lead times and take advantage of opportunities for innovation and sustainable growth.

Discover DELMIA Quintiq solutions for seven domains: Advanced Analytics for enhanced reporting & analysis, Logistics Planning for increased profitability, Optimized Supply Planning for performance efficiency, Production and Sales & Operations Planning for higher ROI, Rail Planning for higher service levels and, finally, Workforce Scheduling for employee productivity.

DELMIA Quintiq Advanced Analytics > Dassault Systèmes
DELMIA Quintiq
Advanced Analytics
Predictive Analytics Software for Greater Insight
DELMIA Quintiq Logistics Planning
DELMIA Quintiq
Logistics Planning
Create Profitable Logistics Plans from the First to Last Mile
DELMIA Quintiq Optimized Planning
DELMIA Quintiq
Optimized Supply Planning
Optimized Planning Software for Higher ROI and Performance Efficiency
DELMIA Quintiq Production Planning > Dassault Systèmes
DELMIA Quintiq
Production Planning & Scheduling
Support your Production with Powerful Planning Software
DELMIA Quintiq Rail Fleet Crew > Dassault Systèmes
DELMIA Quintiq
Rail Service, Fleet, & Crew Planning
Improve Your Railway Operations
DELMIA Quintiq Sales & Operations Planning
DELMIA Quintiq
Sales & Operations Planning
Strategically Plan and Optimize Your Business End-to-End 
DELMIA Quintiq Workforce Scheduling
DELMIA Quintiq
Workforce Scheduling
Achieve Optimal Productivity with Workforce Scheduling & Planning Software

Not only has the amount of manual work we do been reduced, but we’re now able to optimize our processes and end up with better results.

Finnair Case Study
Tiina Lahti
Head of Ground Resource Planning, Finnair

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