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DELMIA Quintiq Production Planning. This cutting-edge production planning solution allows manufacturers to reduce production costs while creating operational value and eliminating excessive waste. Our software is designed to revolutionize the manufacturing industry worldwide by removing low yield, poor delivery performance, and excessive inventory levels. It helps users make decisions on how to plan and manage the supply chain, raw materials, employees and the physical space where the manufacturing process takes place. Optimize production plans through an intuitive planning interface, real-time performance-focused reporting tools, and state-of-the-art automated planning capabilities. DELMIA Quintiq Production Planning allows managers, planners, and those on the shop floor to have full visibility and control over the production process from long-range supply chain design and optimization to production scheduling. This way, manufacturers can take their production planning to new heights.

Key Benefits

  • Advances execution planning Achieve flexibility to handle unexpected changes and disruptions across all production cycles. With our production planning software you can update plans in real time to reflect the realities of day-to-day operations.

  • Delivers operational planning Deliver plans your customers and staff can rely on. For example, match specific resources and employees to orders, and revise plans to reflect the current state of operations.

  • Expands strategic planning Improve your decision-making capabilities with the help of reliable and accurate data. Base your plans on clearly presented overviews of demand, capacity, and performance history.

Stay Ahead with Intelligent Production Planning

DELMIA leverages advanced algorithms and data-driven insights to help you stay ahead of the competition. Anticipate customer demands accurately with our powerful demand forecasting capabilities. Our solution empowers manufacturers and planners to effectively manage their production processes from start to finish, reaching optimal results. With DELMIA, creating precise production schedules will become a breeze. Seamlessly map out the timing and sequencing of manufacturing activities, procurement, and delivery processes. 

Our software offers comprehensive resource planning functionalities, allowing you to assess and allocate raw materials, equipment, machinery, and labor efficiently. Eliminate guesswork and maximize resource utilization to drive productivity and reduce unnecessary costs. DELMIA helps you make informed decisions about equipment upgrades, process improvements, or outsourcing to optimize your capacity and minimize bottlenecks.

Make capacity planning simple - ensure your production capacity aligns perfectly with demand. 

The DELMIA Quintiq implementation methodology is a robust tool which has helped our strategic initiative to re-engineer our production process. Within the first three months, the KPI measurement framework has shown a reduction of the manufacturing cycle times by almost 30% for some products, with a corresponding reduction of WIP. During the last twelve months, delivery lead times for some high-end products have been reduced by 25% and even 50% in some cases.

Periklis Tsahageas
Project Manager, Elval

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