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Industrialization of the healthcare industry has steered market demand towards more affordable and equitable healthcare solutions. However, increasing demand for patient-centric solutions—particularly personalized medicine, companion diagnostics, delivery and wearable devices—is raising the pressure on life sciences companies to strive for more agile and efficient manufacturing. To reach this goal while effectively dealing with ever-present industry challenges such as regulatory compliance, quality issues and disruptive market events, companies need a solution to help them innovate and confidently navigate the complexities of life sciences manufacturing.

DELMIA solutions equip life sciences companies with capabilities they need to ensure the production of high-quality healthcare products with full regulatory compliance in the shortest time to market. Take a smart data-based approach to develop efficient manufacturing plans that will drive lower production costs, increased profitability and more sustainable operations. Our integrated solutions provide digital continuity from design to manufacturing and the supply chain, enabling production planning with complete eDHR records, required FDA regulatory compliance and quality management. Leading life sciences companies have used DELMIA to great effect, delivering sustainable benefits such as:

  • 15-20% productivity gain
  • Significant reduction in inventory
  • Successful FDA audits, eDHR and full traceability
  • Over 50% reduction in scrap
  • Enforced process standards across manufacturing
  • Accelerated time to market and shorter lead times

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Medical Devices

The manufacturing of medical devices and diagnostic products has never been more complex, thanks to the growing trend for personalized healthcare. DELMIA equips medical device manufacturers with digital solutions to ensure product quality and eDHR compliance, synchronize material flows, accelerate NPIs, and support sustainable innovation and continuous improvement.

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The transformation required by Life Sciences companies includes core shifts in business processes, strategic planning, regulatory frameworks, as well as technological solutions. They are shifting their focus to deliver superior, patient-centric, outcome-driven experiences and create the processes to support them.

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