Virtual Twin Experiences in Life Sciences & Healthcare

A new way to understand the human body

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How is digital twin technology disrupting healthcare?

Combining virtual technologies, analytics and artificial intelligence creates the conditions to revolutionize healthcare.

Having an enhanced understanding of the human body's complexity – from its DNA to tissues and organs to the organism as a whole shapes a more patient-centric healthcare model.

But, this is not just confined to helping the human body be treated with more precise diagnoses, efficacious solutions and pre-practiced surgical procedures.

It also spans to how medical devices are developed, tested and manufactured by making virtual twins of the product, process and even the manufacturing plant.

What does a digital twin in life science & healthcare enable?

Virtualizing clinical trials to bring new medicines and vaccines to market faster

Biorealistic simulation to gain insights to advance scientific innovation

Disruptive medical innovations such as cost-efficient, personalized prosthetics

Symposium virtual human body - Dassault Systèmes

7th International Symposium of the Virtual Twin of Human & Living Heart

The Living Heart Project has opened our eyes to the potential of virtual twins for healthcare, connecting global data and knowhow into 3D realistic human simulations of the human heart.

Watch videos from our most recent symposium that brought together leaders from academia, the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, clinicians and regulators to share advances in the use of simulation for human body for development of new treatments and precision patient care.

You’ll discover the key challenges and synergies needed to create a roadmap towards digitalizing the human body for the  a future of preventative, precision and personalized health.

Our mission now is to systematically create virtual twins for the entire human body and usher in a new era of medical innovations.

Steven Levin - Dassault Systèmes
Steven Levine
Founder, Living Heart Project & Senior Director Virtual Human Modeling, Dassault Systèmes

How are digital twins used in healthcare?

Dassault Systèmes develops partnerships with medical industry to improve pharmaceutical manufacturing performance and innovate to heal heart and brain diseases

Dive into several initiatives such as Living Brain and Living Heart projects currently in use by researchers, device manufacturers and doctors to develop highly accurate virtual models for reproducing conditions and testing treatment options.


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