BIOVIA provides a scientific collaborative environment for advanced biological, chemical and materials experiences. BIOVIA solutions create an unmatched scientific innovation environment that helps organizations discover and create new materials and products to improve the way we live.  

The industry-leading BIOVIA portfolio is focused on integrating the diversity of science, experimental processes and information requirements end-to-end across research, development, QA/QC and manufacturing. Discover the Disciplines we support:

BIOVIA Biosciences > Dassault Systemes
Accelerate Innovation in Life Sciences Research and Development
BIOVIA Laboratory Informatics > Dassault Systemes
Laboratory Informatics
Optimize Lab Productivity and Compliance
Materials Science and Engineering > Dassault Systemes
Materials Science & Engineering
Foster Innovation with In Silico Design
BIOVIA Quality > Dassault Systemes
Quality Management
End-to-End Digital Quality Management
BIOVIA Scientific Informatics > Dassault Systemes
Scientific Informatics
Transform Scientific Data into Knowledge 


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Customer Story | Medical Device

Meta Biomed

Digitalized R&D in the Cloud 

Korean health and medical materials and devices manufacturer Meta Biomed made the transition from paper to digital, moving all data to a centralized database using the Dassault Systèmes Scientific Research & Development solutions. All stakeholders including management now have a complete overview of the company’s operations.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is not only a reliable cloudbased solution but is also the foundation for Meta Biomed’s digital transformation.

Meta Biomed chen
Yeon Chun Yoo
Vice President, Meta Biomed


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