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Welcome to BIOVIA Professional Services. We are a highly experienced, industry-recognized team of services consultants committed to deploying BIOVIA technology that meets our clients’ needs while fully aligning with industry best practices.

BIOVIA Professional Services firmly believe that clients must derive benefit from our solutions as quickly as possible. For this reason, we employ and recommend interactive project management and development practices. Continuous participation within projects allows our customers   to gauge progress accurately and alter project priorities based on new information on their business needs. Agile development methodologies optimize customer collaboration and subsequent solution adoption. BIOVIA Professional Services will be your trusted advisor assuring that the implemented solution justifies your investment in BIOVIA.


Focus on Value

BIOVIA Professional Services’ holistic system deployment methodology drives enterprise digital transformation from strategy through execution. Our outcome- and value-based approach delivers customer value early and often, capturing feedback to guide decision-making and producing industry solutions that positively and measurably influence your business.  

  • Value Definition
    We identify customer challenges, business drivers and value roadmap
  • Value Commitment
    We provide architecture, design and implementation guided by customer priorities
  • Value Delivery
    We align business outcomes with customer goals
  • Value Continuance
    We deliver ongoing expert support with continuing maintenance and value improvements
BIOVIA Services Focus on Value > Dassault Systemes

Your Services Team

  • Project Manager: a BIOVIA Project Manager will lead the BIOVIA Services implementation team responsible for delivering your project. Our Project Managers have many years of experience in delivering enterprise-level projects and are competent in all aspects of project management and methodologies.
  • Solution Architect: a BIOVIA Solution Architect will develop the technical design specifications and align technical and business solutions with your expectations within the bounds of mandated delivery parameters. Our Solution Architects have many years of experience in delivering solutions and extensive knowledge of technology and business.
  • Consultant: your BIOVIA Consultant(s) will develop and deliver your solutions based on BIOVIA products. They bring many years of experience and knowledge of BIOVIA products, APIs and configuration options to their projects. They are also well versed in mainstream programming languages, toolkits and practices.
  • Quality Assurance Engineer: your BIOVIA QA Engineer(s) will manage all quality assurance activities during your project implementation. They have many years of experience in testing and deploying solution configurations based on BIOVIA products. They will plan, develop and execute testware specific to solutions developed by our Consultants. They will also manage incident-tracking systems and produce testing traceability matrices.
  • Infrastructure Engineer: yYour BIOVIA Infrastructure Engineer(s) will install all BIOVIA software products required by your project. They will work with your IT and infrastructure stakeholders and system administrators. They have many years of experience installing BIOVIA products and are familiar with configuration topologies, operating systems and other pre-requisite software.
  • Trainer: our Trainers are all educational services specialists responsible for instructional design of custom training materials and delivery of classroom or web-based training. 

Industry-recognized Experience

BIOVIA Professional Services strives to provide flawless agile or Iterative project execution, deploying enterprise solutions in the areas of research, development, quality, manufacturing, regulatory and compliance in industries such as pharma, biotech, energy & materials, chemical, consumer packaged goods, industry and equipment. We offer proven experience in all aspects of software solution implementations including industry-recognized experience in the following areas:

BIOVIA Services Industry-recognized Experience > Dassault Systemes
  • Understanding our customers’ vision
  • Defining the solution implementation and deployment strategies
  • Defining enterprise, solution or system architecture
  • Integrating with enterprise systems such as Data Lakes, integration layers and 3rd party systems
  • Carrying out the GxP and Computer System Validation
  • Managing Projects based on PMI project implementation methodologies
  • Designing and developing solution to support BIOVIA product introduction
  • Testing and Quality Assurance according to standard Quality Management System
  • Collaborating actively with BIOVIA partners
  • Recommending and defining product Infrastructure services

Multi-phased Solution Implementations

Solution implementations vary in complexity. For example, standard out-of-the-box implementations accelerate value and product adoption across many users with minimal configuration. Likewise, large enterprise-level solutions can fully digitalize processes across multiple disciplines. BIOVIA customers typically achieve early adoption, end-user acceptance and accelerated return on investment through a multi-phased solution implementation:

  • Base System: Early adoption, standard features, early value realization
  • Extended System: Additional capabilities streamlining and extending the base solution
  • Optimized System: Advanced integrations, data analytics and visualizations

Based on our best practice experience, BIOVIA Services will recommend the best path to achieve your goals.

BIOVIA Services Portfolio

Configuration Solution & Deployment

  • Digital transformation
  • Business analysis
  • Business process and workflow harmonization
  • Targeted solution acceleration through define, design & multi-phase
  • Implementation approach

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