Predict Solutions Faster and More Accurately

COSMO-RS simulations enable chemical engineers, chemists, formulation engineers and materials scientists to research and develop new solutions faster and more efficiently than with test and experimentation alone, thus accelerating innovation and reducing costs.

COSMO-RS simulations are based on a sound scientific theory, which ensures robust and reliable predictions over the whole range of chemistry in the liquid state. The first principle approach allows for predictions of new, not yet synthesized compounds, reaching beyond the known chemical space. BIOVIA’s COSMO team consist of the original inventors of COSMO-RS, assuring timely support and prime expertise to help solve even the most challenging problems in solution thermodynamics.

BIOVIA COSMO > Dassault Systemes

Key Benefits


  • Scientific foundation combining quantum chemistry and thermodynamics.
  • Solutions are reliable and predictive into new unknown areas.
  • Very broad range of applications, properties and solutions.

COSMO-RS Products

COSMOplex Molecular Modeling and Simulation > Dassault Systemes
Efficient Treatment of Self-organizing Systems and Biomembranes 
COSMOquick Modeling and Simulation > Dassault Systemes
The Shortcut to COSMO-RS
COSMOtherm modeling and simulation > Dassault Systemes
Advanced COSMO-RS Implementation with Quantum Chemically Generated Charge Density Surfaces

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