Operationalize Data-driven and AI-based Workflows

Data has become ubiquitous. However, many scientific and engineering-based organizations still struggle to effectively utilize the data at their disposal. Teams use different tools and processes to access data, clean it, model it, and deliver results, but these results often lack the domain depth needed to drive innovation. This disjointed, and often too generic approach, to analyze scientific and engineering data and deliver insights lowers trust in results, obstructs progress, and stifles collaboration. To fully benefit from the potential data science offers, organizations need an end-to-end approach to leverage their data across the science and engineering enterprise.

Leveraging BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot and its Collections, users author data pipelines, or protocols in Pipeline Pilot, to deliver integrated, data-driven solutions, and potentially combine them with other BIOVIA applications to augment out-of-the-box capabilities.

Key Benefits:

  • Democratize Data – Maximize the value of AI and machine learning for everyone.
  • Capitalize Scientific Knowledge and Know-How – Capture best practices standard practices as distributable, modular, shareable protocols.
  • Deploy Data-driven R&D Operations – Help your teams work smarter, not harder.
  • Support End-to-End Data Science Workflows – Deploy services where they are needed, when they are needed. All in a single workflow.

Purpose-built Solutions for Science and Engineering

Scientists and engineers face different challenges. BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot, and specifically its Collections, offer vertical and horizontal domain-specific capabilities out-of-the-box, supporting users to solve their challenges from cheminformatics to sequence analysis, from image analytics to document and text searching, from lab informatics to machine learning and analytics. Explore our Collections below.

BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot
Machine Learning & Analytics Collection
Validated Data Science Tools for The Scientific Data Analysis Cycle   
BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot
Chemistry Collections
A Comprehensive Suite of Applications for Chemistry Research 
BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot
Biology Collections
  Actionable Insights from Biology Data
BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot
Imaging Collection
Advanced Image and Video Analytics with ML and Deep Learning
BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot
Document Search & Analysis Collections
Scientifically-aware Text Mining Capabilities 
BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot
Laboratory Analytics Collections
Advancing Beyond a Digitalized Lab

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