Generate Meaningful Knowledge from Scientific Text-based Data

The BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Document Search and Analysis Collections help researchers extract actionable insights from documents and other text-bases sources. You can mine text data, search internal and external sources, generate documents and interactive reports, manage document storage and retrieval, and more. The collections also support scientific (eg, chemistry, biology) and technical terminology, empowering researchers with purpose-built solutions for annotating and assigning meaning to a variety of discipline-specific data. 

Benefits of the Collections

The BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Documents and Text Collection provides a broad set of core text mining capabilities as well as discipline-specific functionality to convert scientific data into actionable knowledge. It can be combined with other collections to expand its capabilities.

  •     Support for science
    • Biology: Amino Acids, Proteins, DNA, RNA, Cell Lines, and Cell Type
    • Chemistry: systematic names (IUPAC, InChI, and SMILES), formulae, family names, abbreviations, identifiers, CAS numbers, and non-systematic (trivial) names
  •     Generate interactive reports
    • Add content to documents or create expert views such as Tag Clouds
  •     Explore internal & external data sources
    • Search PubMed, patent offices, Twitter, Bing, websites and more
  •     Simplify text mining
    • Automate analysis to extract key concepts to find correlations in documents and online literature
  •     Search flexibly
    • Phrase, wildcard, fielded and synonym matching
  •     Read in a variety of file formats
    • PDF, PowerPoint, websites, EndNotes, Medline, RSS news feeds and more

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