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BIOVIA ONE Lab is a comprehensive laboratory informatics solution that helps scientists to streamline their workflows, improve collaboration, and accelerate their research. It provides a unified environment for all laboratory data and processes, enabling scientists to make better decisions faster.

ONE Lab is leveraged by companies across multiple industries including Life Sciences, Consumer Packaged Goods, Energy & Materials and more. 

ONE Lab can be deployed across Research, Development, and QA/QC, with the flexibility to meet the specific needs of scientists in each domain.

Scientists working with BIOVIA ONE Lab > Dassault Systemes

Transform Scientific Workflows

ONE Lab is designed to be flexible and scalable, so it can be used by laboratories of all sizes. It manages samples, experiments, data, inventory, equipment, and workflows. ONE Lab also integrates with a wide range of laboratory instruments and software, making it easy to connect your existing systems and data.

A Standardized Data Model

ONE Lab removes the artificial barriers between ELN, LIMS, LES, equipment integration, and inventory management. A single data model across all functional areas eliminates data silos and unlocks access.

One enterprise customer replaced 5 ELNs and 3 LIMS with ONE Lab, standardizing data and increasing scientific efficiency by 60%.

Scientists using BIOVIA CISPro > Dassault Systemes
BIOVIA ONE Lab Equipment Management  > Dassault Systemes

Equipment Integration

With BIOVIA ONE Lab, data can be captured directly from networked instruments in the lab using an IoT approach. Data can be captured in its original format, and also parsed into standardized formats with agreed taxonomies and ontologies. On premise instruments can be easily connected to the cloud for ease of access regardless of location.


ONE Lab automates key parts of lab workflows, to remove manual and non-value added tasks. 

  • Direct instrument data capture eliminates transcription errors, standardizes data, and ensures a single source of truth
  • Guided procedure execution ensures scientists are following the most up-to-date methods
  • Automated Review-by-Exception enables instant batch release for tests which meet tolerances and expectations
  • Instantly updated audit trails and tracking of samples and inventory ensure compliance
ONE Lab Scientists using tablet and equipment > Dassault Systemes

Designed for You

ONE Lab enables seamless workflows by incorporating many specific capabilities together, whether they would traditionally be in an ELN, LIMS, or LES. It also leverages open APIs to enable integration with other lab informatics or enterprise systems, to become an integral part of your informatics landscape. 

With ONE Lab, you pick the specific areas of functionality you need, to easily create configured workflows that match your scientific workflows. 

BIOVIA also offers pre-configured workflows for ONE Lab, allowing you to deploy faster and more efficiently.

Discover ONE Lab

ONE Lab includes capabilities in all the key areas of the lab informatics landscape, while utilizing a single, unified platform and data model. Configure ONE Lab with the specific capabilities you need today and add more as your needs and priorities change. 

Explore these areas below:

Connect Scientists, Information, and Instruments for Increased Productivity
Digitalize all processes related to samples, tasks, and instruments.
Accelerate Batch Release with Automated Review-by-Exception
Lab Inventory Management
Track Consumables and Ensure Regulatory Compliance
Lab Equipment Management
Automated Instrument Data Acquisition and Metrology
Materials Registration
Manage Chemical and Biological Entities Across the Enterprise

Start Your Journey

The laboratory informatics landscape is constantly evolving. Discover how to stay a step ahead with BIOVIA ONE Lab.

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