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Proper management of samples is critical to the accuracy and reliability of testing and, therefore the confidence in the accuracy of any test results. It is also the basis for efficient work in analytical labs. But tracking samples through the lab, managing the hierarchy between parent and aliquoted samples, assigning samples to procedures, and tracing the results while keeping everything in sync is complex and time-consuming.

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Track, Trace, and Modify Samples

BIOVIA ONE Lab includes comprehensive sample management, helping organizations manage and track samples over their entire lifecycle. ONE Lab makes it easy for scientists to keep track of their lab samples and manage the flow of information. This helps improving consistency and efficiency, reducing errors and ensuring regulatory compliance.

A Key Piece of the Lab Workflow

Samples can be created within a BIOVIA ELN, or in the ONE Lab interface. Results related to the samples will be synced across the solution. Sample information can also be sourced from systems such as SAP, and results will then be sent back to complete a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). Sample information is also connected with Task Plans, and with instruments. It can send sample information to a chromatographic data system (CDS) to create an injection sequence, and then sample results are automatically retrieved from the CDS and linked to each sample for complete and traceable sample information in the system. This ensures seamless sample management across the lab workflow improving documentation efficiency, ensuring compliant procedure documentation and reducing manual transcription errors.

Sample Management Capabilities

  • Create samples with auto-generated or customized names
  • Automatically generate sample IDs or import from other systems
  • Assign samples to testing workflows and optionally to analytical procedures
  • Group related samples together
  • Split (aliquot) samples and specify handling and storage conditions
  • Print appropriate sample labels
  • Execute planned tests for samples, and enter results through the Procedure Execution capabilities of ONE Lab
  • Mark samples as received or collected or for disposal
  • Track status and location of samples

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