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From the point a sample enters the lab until a final test result is reported, nearly every task and action must be documented, whether electronically or on paper. The first waves of lab digitalization resulted in Lab Execution Systems (LES), designed to standardize procedure execution, record all steps electronically, and reduce compliance risks. However, LES are often cumbersome to use, and lack integration into other laboratory informatics systems. 

BIOVIA ONE Lab enables a new paradigm for procedure execution, where the execution layer is directly integrated with the rest of the lab informatics landscape. With ONE Lab, scientists can follow seamless workflows, from initiating a task, selecting samples and the appropriate procedure, executing a test at the bench, and capturing data directly from instruments. Chemical and reagent usage is also integrated and tracked automatically. 

ONE Lab is trusted by the largest scientific companies to standardize and accelerate testing in their QA/QC labs. Learn why:

BIOVIA ONE Lab LES Batch Release > Dassault Systemes

Accelerate Batch Release

ONE Lab's novel Automated Review-by-Exception enables the automatic release of test results, if they meet pre-selected requirements. The technology is completely configurable and can be applied to methods on a case-by-case basis. 

ONE Lab enforces process compliance and protects data integrity, to enable real-time review and release of batches. Removing the manual signature process decreases approval time by up to 80%, accelerating batch release. 

ONE Lab integrates the batch release process into the purpose-built procedure execution workflow, rather than pushing it downstream into a separate quality management system. 

Simplify Procedure Execution

With ONE Lab, scientists can quickly reference their procedure and enter data within a common, user-friendly interface while at the bench. Step-wise procedures guide analysts, ensure data is within limits and tolerances, while data is captured automatically from connected instruments.  

BIOVIA ONE Lab LES > Dassault Systemes
BIOVIA ONE Lab LES > Dassault Systemes

Standards-based Method Authoring

ONE Lab enables scientists to quickly build stepwise procedures and methods, based on industry standards like ANSI/ISA88 so that methods can be utilized throughout the product scale-up and commercialization process. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be quickly created and deployed, with only the most current SOP available to be used for data capture.

Benefits of ONE Lab for Procedure Execution

  • Increase efficiency through streamlined workflows, mobile device use, easy-to-follow procedures, and simplified data entry
  • Increase accuracy with consistent standardized methods and contemporaneous records
  • Increase regulatory compliance with consistent and enforceable SOPs
  • Reduce errors and re-work with direct data capture from instruments
  • Reduce approval times with Automated Review-by-Exception
  • Preserve data integrity through centralized storage of standardized data across an integrated solution
  • Streamline global tech transfer with standards-based procedures

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