Comprehensive Chemical and Biological Registration

The registration of substances plays a central role in drug discovery. Registration allows you to identify substances by their key characteristics, and track their progress by assigning one or more identifiers or labels.

A consistent approach of registering substances allows organizations to improve their IP capture and protection, internal and external collaboration, leading to R&D efficiency and agility. BIOVIA offers a fully featured, web-based out-of-the-box registration solution for chemicals as well as for biologics with access to a flexible data model that can accommodate almost any entity type. With BIOVIA Registration, you can register both chemicals and biologics in a common platform allowing your organization to take a comprehensive approach to substance management.

Knowledge Capture


  • Capture key substance characteristics
  • Identify assets uniquely and unambiguously
  • Track the discovery and development of new and complex therapeutic entities


  • Scientific decision support
  • Protect IP and reduce patent challenge risk
  • Minimize the risk of working on the wrong sample

Improved Data Management Processes


  • Implement consistent processes for all therapeutic entities
  • Minimize manual data curation by automating data correct and validation


  • Eliminate data integrity issues
  • Increase efficiency by reducing manual curation

Internal & External Collaboration



  • Use consistent substance representation throughout based on modern industry standards
  • Apply business rules to ensure quality and completeness of data


  • Reduce hand off time between teams and individuals
  • Produce reports and dashboards

R&D Agility


  • Speed up the adoption of new types of therapeutic entities
  • Facilitate the integration of external libraries (e.g. after company acquisition)


  • Produce innovative therapeutics
  • Understand and leverage newly acquired assets

Intuitive Materials Registration

BIOVIA’s Chemical Registration and Biological Registration solutions are powerful but easy-to-use web-based programs for registering and managing unique entities across an organization. Registration of biological entities such as antibodies, hybridomas, immortalized cell lines, plasmids, proteins, siRNAs, yeasts, vaccines, protein-drug conjugates, Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs), linker-payloads, and more is supported out-of-the-box. Chemical structures can be registered individually or in bulk from SD files, with advanced chemical drawing tools, and powerful query capabilities to quickly locate chemicals of interest.

BIOVIA Biological Registration

BIOVIA Biological Registration is a multi-entity system for defining, registering, relationship tracking, querying, and reporting on biological entities. Built in close collaboration with top pharmaceutical companies, this award-winning solution enables you to track the progress of your biologics across discovery and development. Supporting a wide range of biologics out-of-the-box, BIOVIA Biological Registration provides powerful tools to enable you to register your own custom biologics without needing to write code. Let BIOVIA Biological Registration enable you to make the most of your investment in biologics R&D by helping you manage what you have, understand how it was created and how it relates to your other biologic assets.

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