Manage the Lifecycle of Unique Chemical Entities

BIOVIA Chemical Registration is a flexible, fully featured, web-based out-of-the-box solution for building, managing, and searching a corporate substance and batch database. Researchers can use BIOVIA Chemical Registration to register single substances, load SDfiles, and leverage comprehensive functionality designed to meet multiple registration needs. BIOVIA Chemical Registration provides unparalleled configuration flexibility. Organizations can incorporate their own business rules for drawing and storing substance data.

BIOVIA Chemical Registration provides:

  • A modern, configurable web interface
  • Zero-deployment client
  • Metadata-driven user interface
  • BIOVIA Direct for structure storage
  • BIOVIA Draw, ChemDraw, and ISIS/Draw Support
  • BIOVIA Pipette Sketcher built in — simplifying deployment to CROs
  • Designed to be hosted to CROs
  • Business and application logic driven by BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot
  • Web service APIs for accessing external applications, including ELNs
BIOVIA Registration Integrations > Dassault Systemes

Extensive Integrations

BIOVIA Chemical Registration makes it easy to extend capabilities with integrate with other applications and 3rd party systems:

  • Connect to inventory systems
  • Integrate with BIOVIA ELNs
  • Export search results to BIOVIA Insight for further analysis
  • Create new analysis and reporting tools using Pipeline Pilot and provide them within the BIOVIA Biological Registration user interface to users

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