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Communities are the place for BIOVIA users - from beginners to experts and everyone in between - to get answers to questions, learn from each other, and network. With the explosion of digital knowledge and know-how, BIOVIA helps you discover and share how to transform this data into valuable assets for your organization. Join our communities to start and contribute to our conversations.


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  1. Visit the BIOVIA User Community on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, or any of the user communities listed below.
  2. Create a free 3DS Passport account
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  4. Save this link to your browser
  5. Add the community to your “favorite communities” tab within the platform 
User Community

BIOVIA User Community

Discover the latest developments in BIOVIA through blogs, forums, events, and webinars. Discuss your challenges, and share tips and tricks with others.

User Community

Pipeline Pilot

Discuss best practices and R&D developments in application development, cheminformatics, data science/AI and ML.

User Community

Drug Discovery & Development

Talk about cheminformatics, modeling & simulation, protein modeling, AI/ML, generative design and analytics. 

User Community

Laboratory Informatics

Share best practices and information on accelerating lab processes, removing inefficiencies and compliance risks.

User Community

Materials Studio

Explore applications for catalysts, polymers, nanomaterials, semiconductors, batteries, solutions and many more.

User Community

Discoverant [Private]

Exchange ideas on CPV, meta-monitoring, predictive modeling, hierarchy creation, data access and sharing.

User Community

QUMAS [Private]

Topics include document control, enterprise content, quality processes, training, dashboards and reports. 

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