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R&D organizations in all industries need to minimize developmental bottlenecks that increase the cost and time required to bring new products to market. However, in-house scientists often lack the time, resources or expertise required to implement essential modeling/simulation, machine learning and computational approaches that can accelerate strategic design-to-manufacturing and design-for-manufacturing product development.

To address this challenge, Dassault Systèmes offers flexible and collaborative scientific consulting and outcome-based contract research engagements that can provide significant new insights into processes, properties and products-improving research productivity, enhancing breakthrough-innovations, proactive failure remediation, enabling informed scientific decision making, and accelerating time to market of better performing products.

In addition, specific to the Life Sciences industry you can leverage the deep scientific knowledge and know-how of Dassault Systèmes experts to improve your understanding of key discovery pathways from lead optimization to structural characterization, biologics to therapeutics design, and much more.

Benefits of Deep-Science Simulations

  • Understand chemical processes better
  • Accelerate discovery
  • Improve product performance
  • Probe experimentally intractable areas
  • Optimize process conditions
  • Gain key insights to help direct experiments
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